Pete Davidson turns to ketamine for depression treatment.


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Pete Davidson turns to ketamine for depression treatment: Renowned comedian Pete Davidson has recently ventured into an unconventional approach to address his ongoing battle with depression.

The stand-up comic known for his candid discussions about mental health revealed during a performance at Madison Square Garden where he was opening for Dave Chappelle that he has been experimenting with ketamine to alleviate his depressive symptoms.

Sources from the event report that Pete Davidson openly shared his experiences with the audience acknowledging his use of the well-known equine tranquilizer as a form of treatment.

A close friend of the former “Saturday Night Live” star confirmed the authenticity of his statement underlining that Davidson’s exploration of ketamine is indeed genuine.

Ketamine long recognized as a recreational party drug took an unexpected turn when the Food and Drug Administration approved its use as a nasal spray for medical purposes in 2019. This development marked a significant step forward in the treatment of severe depression that remains unresponsive to conventional medications.

Pete Davidson renowned for his frank discussions on mental health matters and personal medication usage displayed a notable willingness to embrace this experimental approach.

In a YouTube interview with Charlamagne tha God last year Pete Davidson shared “I’m always depressed all the time. I have to constantly bring myself out of it.” This candid admission shed light on his enduring struggle with depressive episodes and the constant effort required to uplift himself. Despite his high-profile career, Pete Davidson has not shied away from discussing the depths of his mental health challenges.

Contrary to Davidson’s public statement his spokesperson informed that the comedian is not currently using ketamine. However, the comedian’s openness about his emotional struggles and his receptiveness to alternative treatments resonates with many who similarly battle depression.

Ketamine once predominantly used in veterinary medicine has progressively made its way into human medical practice as well. Its potential as an antidepressant signifies a groundbreaking advancement in mental health care.

The revelation of Davidson’s experimentation with ketamine coincides with his recent completion of a rehabilitation program. This period saw him addressing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and borderline personality issues.

As Pete Davidson embarks on his journey to healing he prepares to take his comedy on the road. He announced a forthcoming tour commencing at Connecticut’s Ridgefield Playhouse on September 5th. The tour promises special appearances by fellow comedians John Mulaney and Jon Stewart adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.

In a surprising twist news also emerged that Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders have parted ways rendering him reportedly single. As Pete Davidson navigates the complexities of fame mental health and personal relationships his openness about his experiences continues to foster conversations about destigmatizing mental health struggles and embracing alternative paths to healing.