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Talk about Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors basketball superstar, and it wouldn’t occur to you that he isn’t the only reason people are interested in the Curry family. In fact, he shares the spotlight with his little daughter Riley Curry.

Riley, the basketball star’s first daughter, is a national star. This cute little princess has warmed her way into the hearts of Americans and basketball lovers, young and old alike, by taking over her father’s post-match press conferences and putting on shows that are often a joy to watch and rare moments to look forward to after every game. Read all about it and also everything you need to know about the cute child celebrity – her biography, age, family, siblings, etc.

Riley Curry Bio, Age

The maiden name of Riley Curry is Riley Elizabeth Curry. She was born on July 19, 2012, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Riley was born into a family of famous stars from various fields. While her father Stephen Curry is a point guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Golden State Warriors, her mother Ayesha Disa Curry (née Alexander) is a television personality, model, actress, celebrity chef, and also a writer. Her grandfather, Stephen Curry Snr (who prefers to be called Dell Curry) was also a basketball player before he retired. Riley is not her parent’s only daughter, she has a younger sister named Ryan Carson Curry. She is of mixed descent, as her father is of African-American descent and her mother is African-American, Afro-Jamaican, Chinese-Jamaican, and mixed Polish descent. Apart from that, Riley has American citizenship.

Riley Curry Bio, Age, Family Life and Everything You Must Know About Her
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Family Life – Parents, Sister

Thanks to the theatricality of Riley and the rare talents of her father, Stephen Curry, her family is now considered the most popular family in American basketball. As mentioned above, her grandfather Dell and her uncle Seth, who has made and continues to make a name for himself in the basketball business, have also played their part in this fact. The family picture of Riley Curry consists of her father and mother (who are expecting a third child), her younger sister, Ryan Curry, and herself, her uncle, Seth Curry, and her aunt, Sydel Curry, and then her grandparents Dell and Sonya Curry.

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Let’s take a quick look at the members of her family. Starting with her younger sister, Ryan Curry was born on July 10, 2015. Compared to her older sister, she is introverted. Her father, Stephen Curry, is a point guard, as mentioned earlier, and plays basketball for the NBA team, the Golden State Warriors, who won NBA titles in 2015 and 2016, with Stephen at the center of the action. During these two years, he has received the Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards, including an award for the most thefts in an NBA season and many other titles and awards.

Her mother, Ayesha Alexander-Curry, is an actress, model, TV personality, author, and celebrity chef. She (her mother) wrote a cookbook, The Seasoned Life, which was published in 2016. With her father’s support, her mother is currently focusing on her career as a celebrity chef and has her own kitchen show, Ayesha’s Home Kitchen. Her mother also has a collection of films as an actress, including Love for Sale (2008), Hannah Montana (2009), Good Luck Charlie (2010), The Little Ghost (2014), etc.

Her Journey To National Stardom…

Riley curry was only two years old when she came to the forefront of attention. Before this history-changing press conference after a May 2015 game, Riley was only known as Stephen Curry’s first daughter, and that was it. But all that changed during that special post-match press conference when her father answered questions from the media. She appeared on stage from the blues and demanded to sit on her father’s lap. At least that was the easy part. A few minutes later, as the engagement between Stephen Curry and the press continued, Riley looked up at her father, smiled childishly (of course she’s a child), and told him to keep quiet! And so began her journey into the limelight, because everyone wanted to know a little bit more about this sweet little lady who had just announced herself to the world in such a super-cool way.

Riley Curry Bio, Age, Family Life and Everything You Must Know About Her
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Riley was back after Stephen had just won another MVP award (for the second time and in a row), she reappeared at his post-game conference, this time singing for the journalists waiting to ask her father questions. She sang Blessings by Big Sean, and since then basketball lovers continue to be treated to her father’s amazing basketball skills, and people look forward to this moment with Riley Curry as she continues to steal the hearts of fans and share the spotlight with her father… something that not even her mother or her uncle Seth Curry, who is a professional basketball player himself, could do.

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Other Facts About Riley Curry

  • Riley Curry and her family presently reside in Walnut Creek, California.
  • The little princess owns a playhouse that will be the envy of most houses.
  • She took to the dance floor to celebrate Golden State Warriors’ victory in Game 1 over the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Her father, Stephen Curry proposed to her mother on the same spot where they shared their first kiss.
  • Talking about kisses, the cameras caught Riley giving her father a good-luck kiss before his first NBA finals game.
  • Her family members have a history of sports. Aside from her grandfather, father, and uncle, her grandmother, Sonya Curry, and her aunt, Sydel Curry played college volleyball. Her grandmother played with Virginia Polytechnic Institute popularly called Virginia Tech while her aunt played with Elon University, North Carolina.
  • Her grandfather, Dell Curry, played basketball for 16 seasons in the NBA with six different teams including Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors.