Robbie Gould NFL Journey: Where Does the Kicker Stand Now?


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Robbie Gould NFL Journey: Where Does the Kicker Stand Now?: Robbie Gould a name synonymous with precision and impact in the NFL kicking game has left fans speculating about his current status. Is he retired? Is he still a part of the San Francisco 49ers? Where will his skillful kicks be witnessed next? Let’s dive into the details of his journey.

Robbie Gould Storied Career and a New Chapter

Robbie Gould known for his remarkable accuracy on the field remains an active NFL kicker. While his journey with the San Francisco 49ers concluded in March 2023 after an illustrious six-season stint Gould’s legacy lives on.

His history boasts an impressive 88.3% field goal success rate and a staggering 99.3% accuracy in extra-point attempts. These statistics alone set him apart as a prime player.

In a recent interview with NBC Sports Bay Area on March 8, 2023, Gould showcased his dedication to the game. He expressed his willingness to continue playing and even conveyed his desire to remain a part of the 49ers. However, Gould emphasized that he wouldn’t plead for a position nor linger indefinitely for the team’s decision.

Now standing as a free agent Gould’s reputation precedes him. His proven track record and two-time Pro Bowler status make him a coveted asset for any team. As anticipation grows for his next move Gould’s proficiency in the realm of kicking assures his potential to reshape the game’s dynamics wherever he lands.

Gould bid farewell to the San Francisco 49ers on March 8, 2023, marking the end of an era that began in 2017. His six-season journey with the team witnessed triumphs including a pivotal role in the 2022 NFC Championship victory.

However, the team’s strategic selection of kicker Cade York during the 2023 NFL Draft indicates a vision for the future of their kicking department.

Robbie Gould’s current status as a free agent leaves football enthusiasts eager to witness where his powerful kicks will make a mark next. Despite his availability offers are yet to be extended to the skilled kicker. As he holds the potential to create a significant impact on the field Gould’s signature is highly anticipated.