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The Internet has found a way to help up-and-coming artists who are suspicious of record companies or have tried in vain to get signed to a record company. One of these ways is the streaming platform SoundCloud; this has also helped many underground rappers and singers to rise to the top. One of these musical talents from the world of SoundCloud is the talented Sabrina Claudio. Read on to learn more about Claudio and her rise to fame.

Sabrina Claudio Bio, Age

Sabrina Claudio was born on September 19, 1996, in Miami, Florida. On one side of her descent, she is Cuban, and on the other side Puerto Rican, this mixed South American descent explains her appearance and name. She spent most of her childhood in Miami, and this is all that is known of her early years.

It is not generally known if she is her parents’ only child or has siblings; however, we do know that her father is a Puerto Rican named Damian Luis Claudio, while her mother, Minette Santos, is the one from whom she receives her Cuban heritage. They are also great supporters of her career, and we can say that they have helped in her love of music since they are great music fans themselves.

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Claudio always had the hope to become an artist and as a child, she started modeling and dancing. After a short time, she decided to concentrate on her music because modeling and dancing were not as successful as she had hoped. She decided to use the internet to make her talent known and started publishing videos of her performances as a cover actress.

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Career In Music

Sabrina Claudio’s covers on YouTube and Twitter introduced her talent to the world, and most of her fans were simply shocked at the range of her singing. Having such skills at such a young age is simply impressive. It was no surprise to her family when she showed interest in moving to Los Angeles to move to greener pastures in the world of music, especially considering the success she had experienced with her covers.

In 2016 Claudio released the singles Orion’s Belt and Runnin’ Thru Lovers on the streaming website SoundCloud. The tracks were part of her debut album, the EP Confidently Lost.

The next set of songs she released was the mixtape About Time. Two songs from this mixtape reached the Billboard Twitter Awards; one was good enough to reach the second position on the board, while the other held the twenty-second position in the charts. Claudio’s success in the music industry began organically and slowly increased. She had the opportunity to tour with 6lack on the Free 6lack tour in 2017.

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Another feather in her cap was that Apple selected her to participate in the Up Next documentary, which she filmed about emerging artists who found ways to overcome certain obstacles on their path to fame.

Sabrina Claudio released her debut album No Rain, No Flowers on August 15, 2018, and she also has Khalid on one of the songs on the album and has worked with 6lack and Duckworth.

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Height And Other Facts About Sabrina Claudio

When Claudio started uploading videos to YouTube, she started creating her channel UrbanPouvoir. There she released her covers of the songs – It Won’t Stop by Sevyn Streeter, Katy Perry’s Roar, Jessie J’s very technical song Who You Are, and many others. Her most popular cover was Halo, which was seen over a million times.

Sabrina Claudio’s parents have very successful careers in the world of medicine, but this has not changed the respect they have for their daughter’s decision to go into music.

Like every one of her age and social standing, Claudio is actively involved in social media, as she believes that social media platforms were tools that helped advance her career. A short visit on her Twitter and Instagram shows that she is more actively present on the latter.

From pictures and videos of the star, it is clear that she has grown into a beautiful woman. Sabrina Claudio is medium height, stands at 5 feet 6 inches, and weighs 54 kg.