Sarah Ferguson: Losing a breast helped me find myself.


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The Duchess of York aged 63 opened up about her transformative experience in the latest episode of her podcast “Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah.” The surgery undertaken due to her breast cancer diagnosis became a turning point that prompted her to put an end to self-hatred and embrace her true self.

In a candid conversation, Ferguson acknowledged the psychological toll that constant comparisons to Princess Diana had taken on her. The ceaseless juxtaposition had led her to a point where she didn’t even like herself anymore. “I was always compared to Diana” she admitted revealing how the comparison had a detrimental impact on her self-esteem.

The realization that her self-worth was more than just external appearances came to her post-mastectomy. “A body part had to be cut off” for her to halt the cycle of self-doubt and criticism. The surgery made her realize something important: she needed to take care of herself and be okay with who she was.

Ferguson expressed gratitude for her sister Jane Ferguson who encouraged her to undergo a mammogram leading to the early detection of her cancer. The experience underscored the importance of timely screenings and close relationships in one’s life.

Sarah Ferguson: Losing a breast helped me find myself.

Reflecting on the guidance she received from the late Queen Elizabeth II Ferguson remembered the Queen’s words of wisdom: “To be yourself.” She acknowledged that the Queen could see through her facade and recognized the moments when Ferguson wasn’t being true to herself. Following this advice, she embraced her genuine self leading to a sense of liberation.

The podcast episode talks about how Sarah Ferguson was friends with Princess Diana. They were really close and went to royal events together. But the media made it seem like they didn’t get along. Sarah Ferguson said they promised to support each other, but rumors of fights started because of outside pressures.

Despite a year-long period of not speaking Ferguson cherished the friendship. She recalled the bittersweet feeling of not knowing the reason behind their estrangement. Their bond remained strong and even on the day before Diana’s tragic passing she expressed her desire to reconnect.

In June Sarah Ferguson announced her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery. Her recovery is underway at Royal Lodge in Windsor where she resides alongside her ex-husband Prince Andrew. Despite their divorce, the family continues to support her including her daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Sarah Ferguson’s story shows us how it’s great to love ourselves and be real. She talks openly about tough times and getting better which helps lots of people. This reminds us that it’s important to be okay with who we are and have true friends in our lives.