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Anthony Ramos Controversy: What Happened Between Him And His Partner Jasmine Jones?: The Anthony Ramos Controversy has piqued people’s interest becoming one of the most discussed subjects on the Internet platform.

Anthony Ramos is an American performer who has been in the business since 2014.

He has appeared in twenty-six projects including television programs and movies in his eight years in the entertainment industry.

Ramos rose to prominence after appearing in the film Honest Burglar. He has also appeared in A Star Is Born Hamilton and In the Heights.

Jasmine Cephas Jones on the other hand is an American-British actress who works in the entertainment business.

Furthermore, Jones rose to notoriety for her role as Tyish in the television series #FreeRayshawn.

Mrs. Flectcher Monsters and Men and Blidspotting are some of her notable acting credits in the entertainment business.

This piece will go over the Anthony Ramos Controversy so keep reading to find out more.

Anthony Ramos Controversy: An Overview

Anthony Ramos’s Controversy received attention following the bad boost of social networking sites.

The Anthony Ramos Scandal involved him cheating on his girlfriend Jasmine Cephas Jones.

The accusations are based on a TikTok video that went viral showing a man who looked like Ramos getting close to another woman at a strip club.

The video which several TikTok users shared shows a guy sitting next to a woman while she dances on him.

The video rapidly went viral on social media prompting Ramos to face accusations of infidelity.

Neither Ramos nor Jones issued an official comment about the video or the allegations at the time.

The story however was only a gossip subject for people as the Anthony Ramos Controversy topic faded away with time.

Overall the accusations of infidelity against Anthony Ramos based on a viral TikTok video sparked a social media firestorm.

What Happened Between Anthony Ramos And His Partner Jasmine Jones?

Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Jones have been in a long-term partnership since 2015.

They met for the first time while collaborating on the hit Broadway musical Hamilton.

After three years of dating, they married in 2018 and Jones became his fiancée.

Throughout their romance, they were open about it sharing photos of each other on social media.

However, Ramos was embroiled in controversy and their six-year relationship came to an end shortly after.

Jones and Ramos’ engagement was called off in 2021 due to their separation.

What About The Net Worth Of Anthony Ramos? 

According to STYLECASTER Anthony Ramos has an excellent net worth of $3 million.

It’s clear that he’s accumulated this substantial sum as a result of his successful acting job in the entertainment industry.

According to The New York Times, Ramos can earn a minimum of $1900 per week or $116300 per year.

Ramos may have made money while playing John Laurens in the film Hamilton.

Anthony has also earned money as a voice actor in the entertainment business.

Fables The Bad Guys and Trolls Holiday in Harmony are among his voice acting accomplishments.

Ramos also has Transformers: Rise of the Beast and three other upcoming ventures to which he may have contributed funds.

Overall Anthony Ramos has amassed a fortune from his successful acting profession and is expected to increase his net worth in the future months.