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Kalecia Williams is noted as the teenager who was killed while making a TikTok video. She lost her life from a gunshot wound at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta. The tragic accident happened the day after Christmas at around 12 o’clock at night.

Between the time she stopped making TikTok videos and the time of her death, many stories are involved. There are too many variables in Williams’ death; from being in a place she shouldn’t have been, to her mysterious relationship with her killer, to exactly who took her body to the police.

Even to this day, the case continues to gain new discoveries and theories. However, they have all been speculation and, at best, conjecture. To find out exactly what happened on the day Caleigh Williams was killed, who her killer was, her parents, and more.

Kalecia Williams Parents 

Williams, who was born in 2004, was the daughter of April Smith and foster child of Ronnie Savoy. Williams, who died aged 16, attended South Atlanta High School. Some say she also attended Crawford W. Long High School.

Kalecia Williams Was Making A Tiktok Video Seconds Before Somebody Shot Her 

Moments before Williams’ death, the young teenager put her phone in front of her and began making body movements for her TikTok account @Kaleciawilliams1 at about 12.02 am.

As she was in the middle of making her TikTok video, someone entered her room, whereupon Williams is seen stopping the recording. As the recording was stopped, it is still unclear what happened after this moment. Although sometime later, Kalecia, who was often called Pinky by her parents, died.

Police found Williams’ unconscious body in the hotel lobby, accompanied by as yet unnamed persons. Doctors pronounced 16-year-old Kalecia dead as soon as they took her for treatment. Williams’ date of death is listed as 26 December 2020 at 12:23.

What Really Happened The Moments Before Williams’ Death?

Since the day of Calezia’s death, there have been several stories about what really happened. Most of them include:

On the day of the murder, Williams had arrived with friends at a party at an Airbnb. Williams received an invitation to a Christmas party from a friend of hers named Infiniti.

It is from here that Pinky’s narrative of the day of her death takes several narratives.

The Story 1: A Chaperone Booked A Hotel Room For Kalecia Williams

This particular Story is as follows:

Infiniti’s mother had previously spoken to Kalecia’s mother and had assured her that she would accompany Williams and all her friends.

Infiniti’s mother had also told Williams’ mother that only girls would be there. Williams’ parents had made sure that their daughter would stay at the Airbnb with her schoolmates; all were girls. However, nothing that Infiniti’s mother said to Callecia was true. First of all, there was no chaperone at the party, and there were two boys at the party.

The Story 2: Williams Stayed At A Private Hotel Instead Of An Airbnb

This story mentions a chaperone who got Pinkie a hotel room and paid for it. According to this, April Smith’s daughter first arrived at the party venue when no one else was there.

Kalecia reached the Hyatt Regency at around 20.00/9.00, after which she called her mother to tell her that she was the first to arrive and that there was no one there.

Williams did attend the party but was then taken to the Hyatt Regency with some other children by an attendant. It is also unclear why the chaperone took Williams to the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and not to the Airbnb. Some have questioned this theory, asking why the chaperone did not inform Williams’ mother if he had bought a room for Kalecia.

The Story 3: What Happened Right After Kalecia Williams Stopped Her TikTok Video 

Williams had just come from a party, shortly after which she started recording her TikTok dance video. Within seconds she stopped the video.

Then some people in nearby rooms heard a gunshot, after which they came to Williams’ aid. The two men then carried Calezia and carried her to the lobby, whereupon they called the police. When the police finally arrived, they found that Pink was not breathing and had no detectable pulse.

The Story 4: A Woman From The Hotel That Day Said Some Hidden Details Regarding Williams’s Death

It had been a few days since the death of Kalecia Williams when a South Carolina woman who was at the hotel that day contacted the parents of the deceased teenager and told them that she was able to see what happened immediately after Williams was shot.

She said she saw two guys carrying Williams’ unconscious body, one of them with one of Callecia’s legs and the other with the other. The woman reported that the men told each other that she (Kalecia) had been shot. Sometime later, the woman admitted that she had helped escort the injured body of Pinca alongside the two men.

This woman apparently also filmed the practitioner trying to resuscitate Kalecia. According to this video footage, Kalecia had much less blood than the victim’s parents were initially told. Earlier, officials reported that Kalecia was submerged in a pool of blood. As a result, this is one of the mysteries of Williams’ death.

The Story 5: Williams Was Booked A Hotel Room By Some Other People 

Apparently, other parents had bought a room for Kalecia at the Hyatt. The article also states that it was three minors who carried Williams’ injured body into the hotel lobby.

A Lot Has Also Been Said On TikTok As Well As Instagram Reels

In addition to several media theories, several TikTokers and Instagram rollers have also spoken, analyzed, and expressed their opinion on the Williams case. Although most of their thoughts and conclusions or opinions on the case are very similar to the above stories.

Kalecia Killer Was A Boy Under 18; He Served Only A Year In Jail  

Sometime after the hotel incident, it was revealed that Williams’ killer was a peer of hers. According to reports, officers arrested the boy at the scene of the crime. Police later charged the killer with sexual assault and aggravated assault, possession of a weapon by a minor, murder, and reckless conduct.

A few days after the arrest of Pinkas’ killer, the police sent him to the Metro Regional Youth Detention Centre. Because he was a minor, the police could not publicly disclose his name.

A report or two claimed that the person Williams was scared of in the video she made of Ticket was Kerry Brown. Apparently, they had a brief argument before the boy fatally shot Callecia. Brown allegedly sexually assaulted Williams and shot her in the groin in anger.

The boy had also attended a party to which Williams had been invited. And it was the same boy with whom she had had an argument. After the boy attacked Pinky when she was making Tiktok, the boy and the young woman who was killed allegedly fought for some time, and later the boy eventually fatally shot Williams.

Atlanta police said she and the teenage boy were the only ones in the room at the time of the shooting. Investigators said the two were acquaintances and had known each other for some time. Police say Williams was actually staying with a man at the hotel.

Whoever her killer was, it was reported that he spent only one year behind bars in a juvenile detention facility. He was released in early 2022. The Williams family has not accepted the decision of officials to release their daughter’s killer. A petition calling for Calezia’s justice remains on the change.org website.

Kalecia Parents Knew About Their Daughter’s Death Much Later 

Williams’ parents, April and Ronnie Savoy, only found out about their daughter’s death 8 hours after it happened. They had called their daughter, but Williams’ companion did not return any of their calls, for reasons not yet known.

Later, however, the companion did call Pinky’s guardians, but apparently, they received the message much later. April and Savoy expressed their anger at the attendant after receiving the tragic news and later claimed that the warden should also take responsibility.

Moreover, although Callecia’s friend Infiniti personally spoke to the victim’s mother, nothing she said was credible. Infiniti told Williams’ mother that her daughter screamed for several minutes until she lost consciousness. However, so far there have been no other witnesses or evidence.

Kalecia Williams’s Parents Are Still Fighting For A Proper Investigation

Although there are too many stories about what really happened to Pinky, April Smith told Fox 5 that there has been foul play throughout her daughter’s murder case and that She is trying to assemble all the pieces.

Smith also complained about why it took the authorities eight hours to report her daughter’s death. Furthermore, she claims that the news came from the morgue rather than from the police. To this day, the parents claim that not enough was done.

Some Details From Williams Obituary And Funeral

Callecia’s obituary states that the Williams family held their deceased daughter’s funeral the day after her death at the Life-Changing Faith Work Church, Washington Road.

The family held her Homegoing Service on Saturday at 2 p.m. On a life-changing path of faith at 3178 Washington rd Eastpoint, The remains were laid to rest at 12:30 p.m. in Forrest Hills Cemetery. A viewing of the body was held on Friday, January 1, 2021, at RW Andrews Mortuary from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Quick Facts About Kalecia Williams

NameKalecia Williams
Birthday Date2004
Beginning PlaceAtlanta, Georgia
Age18 Yr
Peak5 Ft 2 Inches
FatherRonney Savoy
MomApril Smith
Marital StandingSingle