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Connor Bird is the son of former NBA player Larry Bird and his wife Dina Mattingly. Although it’s been a long time since Larry Bird last hit the hardwood, his name is still a household name in basketball history.

However, another thing that might intrigue people about Larry Bird’s legacy is his family relationships, in particular his children. Although the 65-year-old Beard has a fun relationship with Connor and his sister, the two are not as well known as their father.

They have a somewhat ordinary life, with their names appearing in the media a time or two. Take a look back at such Connor moments in more detail below. Also, read about his life; his career, his current location, his current position in his personal life, and so on.

Connor Bird Early Life 

The adopted son of former small forward Larry Bird and his wife Dina, Connor was born in 1992. He is speculated to be a former student at Indiana University.

The athlete’s son also spent part of his childhood in Naples, Florida. It was after his dad left the Celtics. While in Florida, Connor spent many evenings watching Miami Heat games with his father.

Conor Bird Has Two Siblings 

Connor has two siblings, Mary Bird and half-sister Cory Bird. His sister, Mary Byrd, was not only a manager but also a real estate agent when last reported. She is the manager of the Event Activation and Venue Department.

She previously worked as an intern at PS&E after graduating cum laude from Indiana University Bloomington with a degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management. She later joined PS&E as an Events Coordinator and Special Projects Coordinator.

As for Connor’s half-sister Cory, after her birth, Baird’s attorneys requested a paternity test. However, by the time the results showed that Cory was Larry’s child, she was already a minor. She’d seen very little of her father.

Larry, meanwhile, met Dina and refused to take part in his daughter’s life, a decision he admits haunts him to this day. Later, the 1964 first-round draft pick decided to financially support his daughter from his first wife but maintained minimal contact with her.

Connor’s Parents, Larry Bird, And Dinah Mattingly  

Connor’s adoptive parents, Indiana Pacers special advisor Larry Bird and Dina Mattingly, were married in October 1989. Dina and Larry had met in Indiana.

Although they had no biological children, they decided to expand their family by adopting Connor and Mary.

To this day, the 29-centimeter-tall small forward has not revealed the real parents of his two children. Connor was a baby when his father won Olympic gold in Barcelona in 1992.

His Father Was Earlier Married To Janet Condra

Before Dina Connor’s father, Larry was the husband of Janet Kondra, whom he married in 1975. Janet was Baird’s childhood friend.

They married immediately after Larry enrolled at Indiana State. They remained married for less than a year, although they later considered reconciliation, during which Baird and Condra had a daughter, Cory, in 1977.

Who Is Connor Bird Father, Larry Bird? 

Conor Byrd’s adoptive father, Larry Byrd, was born in West Bad Springs, Indiana, to Georgia (née Kern) and Claude Joseph “Joe” Byrd, a Korean War veteran. Connor’s adoptive grandparents were of Irish, Scottish, and some Indian descent on both sides of the family.

His father, Larry, has said that being poor as a child motivates him “to this day”. Connor’s grandfather Joe committed suicide a year after his divorce from Georgia.

Connor Bird Had A Trouble With The Law In 2013

Although the celebrity son is much less talked about, Conor did manage to get some media attention this time, in February 2013.

The then 21-year-old son of an NBA legend had a run-in with the law, albeit not in a friendly way; police arrested him at Indiana University after he allegedly tried to hit an ex-girlfriend with his car in Bloomington.

Connor allegedly tried to run over a woman with his Dodge Charger in the parking lot of Indiana Memorial Stadium. University Police Chief Keith Cash said at the time that police had a witness to the incident and informed them that Byrd could face charges of inflicting corporal injury, Criminal mischief, threats with a deadly weapon, and possession of marijuana.

In February 2013, officials charged Larry and Dina’s son with three offenses: criminal negligence with a vehicle, possession of fewer than 30 grams of marijuana, and causing bodily harm for allegedly hitting a 20-year-old woman on the arm with a mobile phone.

Police reported that Conner and his ex-girlfriend were in a car on campus when the argument started. Conner’s ex then got out of the car to go home, whereupon Baird allegedly tried to hit her with his car.

The Indiana University Police Department reported that during the altercation, Connor threw his phone at his lover. The police further stated that after Connor and his ex-girlfriend got into an argument in Baird’s Bloomington apartment, the former Boston Celtic threw a mobile phone at the woman.

Later, Connor met his ex-girlfriend at her house and took her to the parking lot to discuss everything. However, there they had another argument and the woman got out of Baird’s car with the intention of going back home.

He Was Found Guilty For Nearly Running Down His Girlfriend

A year after the hit-and-run incident, in April 2014, a court found Connor guilty of a reduced charge in a case in which he was accused of almost hitting his ex-girlfriend with his car.

In a plea bargain to defer their sentence, Connor pleaded guilty to criminal negligence. However, the court decided to dismiss his case on the condition that if he successfully completed a 12-month compliance agreement filed in Monroe County District Court, the case against him would be dismissed.

The judge said that since he no longer had to commit crimes, take part in a mentoring program and complete the necessary treatment and counseling, the case would be dismissed. The attempted assault was not the first time Connor had been in trouble with the law; in 2011, police charged him with disorderly behavior and illegal consumption of alcohol.

The case didn’t escalate as much because it was resolved through Monroe County’s pretrial diversion program.

What Is Connor Bird Doing Now? 

Since his second court hearing in mid-2014, Connor, the only son of the Indiana Pacers coach, has become something of a celebrity. So it’s a mind-boggling question what the younger Byrd has been up to lately.

Another thing that is no less puzzling about Conor Byrd is his wife’s details. Apart from the infamous incident with his girlfriend in 2013, he has not managed to gain media recognition in a positive sense.

Moreover, his non-appearance on social media also makes it difficult for anyone to know whether he has a wife, or at least a girlfriend.

Did He Play Basketball Professionally?

Although Connor loved the NBA and his father’s team, the Pacers, from his teenage years, whether he played the sport professionally is a never-ending mind-boggle. The disturbing thing about his personal narrative is that apart from the title – son of an NBA Hall of Famer – Connor is almost a fictional surname.

A Comparison Between Connor Bird And His Father’s Net Worth? 

During his time with the Boston Celtics, Connor’s father proved to be both a lethal scorer and a determined competitor. Those two facts, combined with three NBA titles, helped him earn a substantial salary.

Despite earning more than USD 24 million in the NBA and accumulating a huge net worth, the three-time NBA champion remained a simple man with a few ordinary interests. Despite all his fame and fortune, he still derived most of his pleasure from a few modest ways.

In addition to his NBA salary, Connor also made huge profits from sponsorship deals and his post-playing career as an NBA executive. The salary and all the benefits that come with a career as a professional basketball player helped him accumulate a net worth of more than USD 75 million.

However, there is no comparable information that is so obvious when it comes to the net worth of Larry and Dean’s son. The context is large that he is not known among news feeders. Either way, it seems unlikely that Connor is as rich as his multi-millionaire father.