Who Are Carl Weathers Children? Meet Matthew And Jason


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Who Are Carl Weathers Children? Carl Weathers has two sons with his first wife, Mary Ann Castle.

Matthew Brandon Weathers was born in 1976. He has chosen to stay out of the limelight and there is not much information about him publicly available.

Jason Anthony Weathers was born in 1979. He is also private and there is little information about his personal life available.

Who Are Carl Weathers Children?

Carl Weathers, the iconic actor known for his portrayal of the unforgettable Apollo Creed in the “Rocky” franchise, left an indelible mark on Hollywood. But his legacy extends beyond the silver screen, reaching into the lives of his two sons, Matthew Weathers and Jason Weathers.

This article delves into the lives of these lesser-known Weathers, exploring their unique paths and how they carry the torch of their father’s success.

Carl Weathers met his first wife, Mary Ann Castle, in 1973, the same year he landed his breakout role in “Magnum Force.” Two sons, Matthew (born in 1974) and Jason (born in 1978), followed, bringing joy and responsibility into their lives.

Who Are Carl Weathers Children? Meet Matthew And Jason
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Though Weathers had transitioned from football to acting, athletics remained a strong presence in the family. Both Matthew and Jason excelled in sports, with Matthew pursuing basketball and Jason demonstrating a football talent, mirroring their father’s athletic prowess.

However, the allure of Hollywood flickered brightly for the young Weathers boys. Growing up on movie sets and witnessing their father’s dedication to his craft ignited a creative spark within them. While their paths would diverge, both Matthew and Jason embarked on journeys shaped by their father’s influence and their aspirations.

Matthew Weathers

Matthew Weathers gravitated towards music, showcasing his talent as a singer and songwriter. He formed the band “EastCoast” in the early 2000s, blending R&B, soul, and funk influences. The band garnered a loyal following and even landed a spot on the soundtrack for the film “Barbershop 2: Back in Business,” featuring Carl Weathers himself in a memorable cameo.

Beyond music, Matthew ventured into production, establishing his own company, “Big Weathers Productions.” With a keen eye for storytelling and a desire to give back to the community, he produced documentaries and shorts, often focusing on social issues and uplifting narratives.

In 2015, he collaborated with his father on the documentary “The Fighter Within,” exploring the struggles and triumphs of amateur boxers, a theme resonating deeply with their family history.

Who Are Carl Weathers Children? Meet Matthew And Jason
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Jason Weathers

Jason Weathers took a different route, opting for the world of business. He studied marketing and launched his venture, “Weathers Entertainment Group,” specializing in event management and marketing. His expertise in branding and strategy helped him create successful campaigns for various clients, showcasing his business acumen.

Despite focusing on entrepreneurship, Jason remained close to his father and brother. He often served as his father’s manager, supporting his acting career and various projects. In 2020, he collaborated with Matthew on the short film “Inheritance,” marking their first joint venture in filmmaking.

Both Matthew and Jason Weathers have faced the inevitable comparisons to their iconic father. Yet, they have skillfully navigated this challenge, carving their paths while acknowledging and honoring their family legacy. Their choices, be it music, production, or entrepreneurship, reflect their talents and passions.

In interviews, both brothers have expressed their immense respect and admiration for their father, citing his work ethic, dedication, and resilience as major sources of inspiration. However, they have also emphasized their desire to be recognized for their achievements, striving to leave their distinct mark on the world.

While Carl Weathers‘ career in Hollywood shines brightly, the story extends beyond his accomplishments. The lives of his sons, Matthew and Jason Weathers, illustrate the ripple effect of success and the diverse ways a legacy can be carried forward. Through their dedication to their chosen fields, they demonstrate the spirit of perseverance and creativity that defined their father’s path.

Who Are Carl Weathers Children? Meet Matthew And Jason
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As Matthew and Jason Weathers continue to build their careers, the future of the Weathers legacy unfolds. Whether they collaborate on future projects, mentor aspiring artists, or simply continue to support one another, their journeys serve as a testament to the power of family, hard work, and carving your unique path in life.

The story of the Weathers family, beyond the spotlight of Hollywood, is one of inspiration, reminding us that legacies are often carried forward not just in name, but through the individual triumphs and contributions of those who follow in their footsteps.

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