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Seeing identical twins together is usually an enchanting sight, and even more so if they are triplets. The triplets of Dahm have achieved enviable fame thanks to their monozygotic and ravishing beauty. The triplets are so identical that their parents had to make marks on their bodies to distinguish them from each other. They were unexpectedly in the limelight after they had agreed together to honor a Playboy appeal, and as a result, the three of them found themselves distracted by their initial dreams of becoming nurses and started a new career in show business.

Who are The Dahm Triplets

The Dahm triplets, Jaclyn Elizabeth, Erica Elizabeth, and Nicole Elizabeth Dahm, were born on December 12, 1977, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America. They are Sagittarius and of Irish and British descent. As babies, their parents faced a great challenge in distinguishing them, and they resorted to erasing unique marks on the backs of two of the triplets to facilitate identification.

Jaclyn, the youngest of the three, was not tattooed; Erica, who is the second of the triplets, had two tattoos, and Nicole, the oldest of the triplets, had one. Not much is known about the sisters’ immediate family, except that their father is named Bob and they have an older sister named Lisa.

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The triplets spent their childhood and went to high school in Jordan. They grew up with it and had almost everything in common, including friends, clothes, and the like. It was almost impossible to tell them apart. As they grew older, they cultivated the ambition to make a career in medicine; they planned to become nurses. After completing their high school education and in accordance with their career aspirations, they registered for nursing studies at the University of Minnesota.

What Are They Known For?

Dahm’s triplets hardly went unnoticed because their uniqueness as identical triplets is quite rare and their ravishing beauty (they had quite long hair and beautiful eyes) is one of the reasons why they attracted attention. In fact, they were the cynicism of every eye. Modeling outfits sorted them out, and at the young age of 16, they landed a spot on the cover of Teen Magazine.

The triplets never thought of venturing into show business, let alone making a living. But their mother’s fate had a different plan for them, because on one fateful day, while they were still studying to be nurses, they came across a newsletter on campus for Playboy, a tabloid with nude photos calling for girls from the Big Ten special edition.

Fortunately, they were given the chance to try out, largely due to the sheer luck that they were not just siblings, but triplets and identical ones, which distinguished them. After the test shooting, they appeared in several issues of Playboy and had the privilege of appearing once on the cover of the Australian edition of the popular magazine.

Their debut with Playboy as nude models made them widely known and paved the way for numerous openings in the world of showbiz. With the influx of openings, the Dahm triplets had to make the crucial decision to either follow their dream of a career as a nurse or to continue in show business as it became difficult for them to switch between the two.

After many considerations, they finally came to a conclusion and decided to pursue a career in show business. To further their budding careers, the nurses moved to Los Angeles – the home of show business par excellence.

Soon after, they began to appear on television. They appeared on the Boys Meets World Show; they competed in two reality contests, winning in both shows, earning a handsome $10,000 for one, and keeping a redesigned apartment for the other. The sisters also starred in several episodes of The Doctors. They starred in The Relic Hunter, RoboCop: Prime Directives, and Juwanna Mann. The triplets were members of the mob on the National Broadcasting Company’s 1-on-100 game show.

In 2017, the Dahm triplets appeared in an episode of The Doctors about the reliability of DNA testing at home. The trio’s DNA test was conducted and analyzed by Lisa Guerrero. The analysis of the first test result showed that the triplets were identical. However, the previous test result was a shock, based on a detailed analysis that proved that their ancestry was not similar. Although their ancestry could be traced to Irish and British as well as French and German, there was a great variation in the percentage of ancestry among the triplets.


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The triplets of Dahm are all married and have two children, each of whom has a daughter and a son.

The triplets had their first pregnancies almost simultaneously and their deliveries were weeks apart.

The Dahm triplets have the same middle name, namely Elisabeth

The sisters say they are looking forward to doing photo shoots for Playboy later.

Cooking is another unique talent of the girls. They created a culinary website called Triplets Gourmet next to a culinary YouTube channel, TripletsGourmet, where only one video was uploaded. Both channels now no longer exist.

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They had a website with the address www.dahmgirls.com, which was later changed to www.jenx3.com, but like their channels, it is no longer functional

The triplets each stand at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

The triplets maintain an active presence in social media, but on individual terms, updating articles about their immediate family and personal lives.

Their total net worth is estimated at $12.5 million.