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Antonia Thomas was celebrated as “Britain’s dream girl”, and the reason for this is not hard to see – in the leading roles of Alisha Daniels in Misfits and Evie in Lovesick. The London-born actress starred in some of the best British comedies of the 2010s. She has also made herself popular with the American audience with her portrayal of the sensitive Dr. Claire Brown in the ABC series “The Good Doctor”. With her future plans to write and produce her own stories, there are no limits to what Thomas can achieve in Hollywood.

Who Exactly is Antonia Thomas and Is She Married or Dating Anyone?
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Who is Antonia Thomas?

Antonia Laura Thomas was born on November 3, 1986, in London, England. She comes from a family of six. Her father is an English classical singer named David, while her mother is a Jamaican-born nurse named Veronica. The actress also has two sisters, Emma Jay and Chloe Lucy. Thomas grew up in London and wanted to become an actress at an early age. She appeared in several school productions and joined the National Youth Music Theatre at the age of 14. Thomas spent two years with the NYMT, during which time she performed in places like Japan and Scotland.

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She then returned to school and completed her GCSE and A-level studies. After this academic achievement, Thomas returned to acting and enrolled at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Drama School. She studied there for three years and received a Bachelor’s degree in Acting in 2009.

Antonia Thomas Fame

How Did She Become Famous?

Most movie stars usually wait several years before getting their groundbreaking roles, but this was not the case with Antonia Thomas, who was lucky enough to make her breakthrough with her first job. After graduating from Bristol Old Vic, Thomas got a lead role in the successful television series Misfits. The series is about five juvenile delinquents who do community service and develop superpowers after being caught in a crazy storm. The group then struggles with different emotions and insecurities as they deal with the situation. The series “Misfits” featured Iwan Rheon and Nathan Young, while Thomas portrayed Alisha, an outsider who has the power to arouse insatiable sexual desires in anyone who touches her. The Londoner appeared in the series for three years, which brought her into the limelight in her native Great Britain.

Since her breakthrough at Misfits, Antonia Thomas has starred in several British productions including Lovesick, The Musketeers, Sunshine on Leith, The Hybrid, Northern Soul, Survivor, and Firstborn. She has also made a name for herself in Hollywood thanks to the successful ABC series “The Good Doctor”. The Good Doctor is a medical drama that is primarily about Shaun Murphy, a brilliant young surgeon who suffers from both savant syndrome and autism. In the series, Thomas portrays the role of Dr. Claire Brown, a surgical intern who befriends Shaun and often helps him. The good doctor debuted in 2017 and has consistently received high ratings. This is due to his willingness to combine medical drama with topical issues such as gender equality, racism, sexual harassment, and autism.

Who Exactly is Antonia Thomas and Is She Married or Dating Anyone?
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Is Antonia Thomas Married or Dating Anyone?

Although she is known to appear in dramatic plays, Thomas has avoided drama in her personal life. There was a rumor that the actress was dating her wayward co-star and actor Iwan Rheon, who is interested in love on screen, but it turned out to be a joke. Thomas is now in a confirmed romance with London-based professional photographer Michael Shelby. Shelby specializes in producing headshots for aspiring actors. He is also an actor himself and has cast smaller roles in productions such as The Crown, War and Peace, Mortdecai, The Game of Thrones, Doctors, and Mrs. Briggs.

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It is not known exactly when Thomas and Shelby started their romance, but the actress confirmed the romance in an interview with The Scotsman in November 2018 and since then the couple has been seen together at several industry events. Thomas also regularly shares images of her husband on social media.

What Are Her Future Ambitions?

Besides acting, Antonia Thomas also has plans for the future to work in the background. This includes writing scripts and producing stories that are important to her. The actress has so far worked with her co-star Chuku Mundo, a good doctor, to produce a short film called Freedom’s Name is Mighty Sweet. The film tells the lifelike story of a young African-American couple who travel to the wilderness of the Yukon in Canada in search of gold. Thomas is also working on the production of a film about the inspiring life story of their mother. Veronica Thomas moved to Great Britain at the age of 14. She endured several challenges and became a nurse in the NHS. She later retired in 2018 as Head of Psychology at St Thomas Hospital London.