Who is Kit Connor dating? Explore her girlfriend and love life


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Find out if Heartstopper actor Kit Connor is single.

Kit Connor is one of the most beloved actors from London, England who has had an active presence in the film industry since 2013. After making his debut in 2013 by appearing as Clem in chickensConnor has stayed in the spotlight and has already worked in more than 20 movies and TV series.

Connor is widely known for his appearance in Heartstopper, his dark materialsY grandpa’s great escape. Furthermore, Connor is not only an actor, but he is also pursuing a directing career and is working as a director on a new project called moving. The Dorian Award-nominated actor gained more media prominence after landing the role of Older Reggie in rocketman.

Due to his amazing acting skills, fans all over the world are worried about his love life. So if you are one of them, then you are in the right place. Keep reading until the end.

Marital Status: Is Kit Connor Dating a Girlfriend or Single?

Well, Kit Connor is a private guy and, so far, he hasn’t been involved in any rumors or controversies about love affairs. So, it can be said that Connor is single and does not have a girlfriend.

As we know, secrecy is the best catalyst for rumors, and this impromptu rule seems to apply to Connor’s love life as well. Therefore, there have been no reports of him dating or caught taking a walk with a stunning woman by the paparazzi.

In the same way, the actor has also maintained privacy on his social networks. Therefore, Connor has yet to hint at a possible relationship or flaunt romantic images alongside a potential girlfriend. As Connor has kept his love life away from the media, some people are asking if he is gay or not.

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Is Heartstopper actor Kit Connor gay?

Nope, heartstopper Actor Kit Connor is not gay. His sexual preference is heterosexual. However, rumors of him sparked when Connor landed the role of Nick Nelson in the television series, Heart Stopper.

The series is committed to highlighting the LGBTQ+ community and those who must overcome many difficulties to be recognized by society. The role, Nick is a popular 11-year-old rugby player at Durham Grammar School sitting next to Charlie (Joe Locke) in form class.

Kit Connor and Joe Locke
Kit Connor and Joe Locke in Heartstopper

FYI, Charlie is an openly gay student and begins to flaunt his relationship with Charlie without regard for public opinion. For this reason, people speculated that Connor might be gay. However, the actor has not yet spoken about his sexual orientation in the media, and it seems that he has ignored all the rumors.

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Therefore, Connor’s sexuality is not confirmed to date. As Connor and Locke appeared together in the series, fans also speculated that they could be dating in real life. But there is no such information about it. So, it can be said that their on-screen romance is not replicated in real life. Despite all this, we must respect their privacy and also their sexuality.