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His headgear hides a hoard of massive dreadlocks, what he calls a beard is a mixture of blonde and silver strands; when he appears, you would be forgiven if you gave him your change believing he was one of the scums of modern society. Magnus Walker is definitely not what you would normally expect from a Porsche lover, but the self-proclaimed Urban Outlaw has persistently climbed the ladder of success as one of the most prolific Porsche collectors of all time.

The Porsche fanatic built his collection of up to 40 cars, and after selling a few and modifying others, he became the proud owner of 25 cars valued at a whopping $7.5 million. By all indications, the guy doesn’t seem to be selling anymore. Magnus Walker is known for collecting Porsches as his hobby and after many modifications, they become his most valuable possession.

In addition to his fascination with Porsche, Magnus is a British fashion designer who founded the clothing line that is popularly called the Serious Clothing Brand. Even if your first impression of the fashion designer does not necessarily convey the image of a man whose designs are preferred by the queens of pop, celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Madonna, and Bruce Willis wore his designs several years ago. The fashion icon received his nickname – Urban Outlaw – because she refused to conform to the normal rules of fashion.

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Who Is Magnus Walker, The British Designer?

Born in 1967, he spent his formative years in Sheffield, England. The Porsche collector’s fascination with the brand was awakened in 1977 when he followed his father to the Earl’s Court Motor Show at the age of 10, where he saw the Porsche 911 for the first time. The event prompted the Porsche enthusiast to apply for a job at Porsche, who advised him to repeat the application after his training.

Magnus joined a heavy metal and punk rock scene after dropping out of school in 1982. He made the conscious decision to follow his American dream when he saw no realistic prospects in Great Britain, and in 1986 he got a job as an instructor at a summer camp in Detroit. At the end of the summer camp, he moved to LA.

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He discovered his second creative passion when he formed loose PVC pants, which he bought for the meager sum of 10 dollars and sold eight pieces of the pants for 25 dollars to a punk rock shop owner who liked them. This little experience opened the door to a good business opportunity where the budding designer bought cheap clothes and sold them at a good profit after personalization. His business eventually grew and his brand name Serious Clothing was born, which later became a favorite of celebrities like Madonna.

His wife found a warehouse in a place that was not so desirable, but his courage told him that it would work in the future. They were even called crazy because they believed that something good could come out of such a place, but his intuition paid off. The warehouse became so popular that it was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times, and it also became a well-known film location.

Renowned artists such as Prince, Bruce Willis, Jay Z, and Victoria Beckham shot their videos in the warehouse that opened the door to another business venture for Magnus Walker and his wife. His clothing line, however, began to shrink after 15 successful years, prompting the outlaw designer to sell the store. On June 1, 2017, he published his autobiography Urban Outlaw: Dirt Don’t Slow You Down, in which he describes in detail his rise and fall in the fashion industry.

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Net Worth

The exact net value of the Porsche collector is still unclear, as much of it is bound in his tailor-made collection of 25 Porsches in total, which has an estimated value of 7.5 million dollars. It is remarkable that the Porsche freak has refused to sell his collections.

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His Wife and Family

Details of his parents’ identity are not known, but it is on record that his father was the one who took him to the 1977 Earl’s Court Motor Show. As for his relationship status, the Urban Outlaw was in a marital relationship with his wife Karen for 21 years before she died in 2015.

Magnus announced his wife’s death on Facebook but refused to reveal the cause of her death. The Porsche fanatic only asked to be left alone so that he could mourn her in private. Currently, it is said that Magnus Walker, after mourning his deceased wife, is now involved in romantic involvement with Hannah Elliott, who works as an editor at Bloomberg Cars.