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When it comes to royalty, nothing goes unnoticed, so meet Princess Margaret, who made headlines in her lifetime for her stormy romantic entanglements that were always in the limelight.

Princess Margaret’s Relationship With Queen Elizabeth

The Queen Mother of England was born the daughter of royal parents, the Duke and Duchess of York, who later became Queen George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and is the only sister of Queen Elizabeth II of England. It was known that this royal family was very close, and King affectionately called them “the four of us”. The two sisters were also said to have shared a very close bond which became even stronger, especially when they lost the King who was the soul of the family, as Princess Margaret would have described him. When Elizabeth was crowned Queen in 1953, her status as a consecrated monarch and ruler of millions of subjects on some five continents changed dramatically, but she still kept in touch with her sister, who at the time lived at Kensington Palace, which had a direct link to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, where the couple could discuss serious to trivial matters.

Who Is Princess Margaret Husband, What’s Her Relationship With Queen Elizabeth?
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The late Princess, who was four years younger than Queen Elizabeth II, was known to show great respect for her sister and always called her “the Queen” in public, rather than the pet names she had grown up with, which she called “Lilibet” or “my sister”. It was also said that the couple was quite different, as Princess Margaret was said to have more fun, love, and a good sense of humor, while Elizabeth always had the charisma of a queen and a high sense of responsibility. It is recorded that the Queen, who is known to mask her emotions, was only found to be vulnerable at her funeral when she stared at her sister’s coffin, which was buried at the funeral.

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The Romance With Peter Townsend

Shortly after the death of King George, who was still mourning his loss, the young Princess Margaret met Peter Townsend, the new Comptroller of her mother’s house, and in the same year that Queen Elizabeth was crowned, he proposed marriage to her. The marriage proposal was refused, as Townsend was a divorced man with two children from his previous marriage. However, the two continued their affair in the hope that fate would change and happiness would be with them, but this was not the case, as the only way to enjoy their union was for the princess to renounce her kingship.

In October 1955 Princess Margaret made an official declaration stating that the love between her and Townsend could not be put before her duty on the throne and that the Commonwealth nations would therefore separate but would remain good friends and colleagues.

Who is Princess Margaret Husband?

In 1960 the news of Princess Margaret’s marriage to photographer Antony Armstrong Jones came as a shock, as no one had speculated that royal blood would marry a commoner. However, the tabloid press reported that the hasty wedding may have been a result of Townsend’s intentions to marry a young girl named Marie Luce Jamagne. The plans for the wedding were widely publicized as it was to be the first royal wedding to be broadcast worldwide. However, other royal rulers in Europe were unaware that royal blood mixed with that of a common citizen, so they did not show much excitement about the wedding, and it was reported that only Queen Ingrid of Denmark graced the occasion with her presence from a foreign royal family.

Who Is Princess Margaret Husband, What’s Her Relationship With Queen Elizabeth?
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One year after the wedding, the Queen appointed Anthony as Earl of Snowdon. The couple also welcomed their first child David Viscount Linley on 3 November of the same year and a daughter named Lady Sarah on 1 May 1964. A happy ending to their love story was expected, but in reality, it was far from being the case, as the couple faced challenges ranging from alcohol abuse, quarrels, and secret affairs. Anthony, now the Earl of Snowdon, is said to have fathered a child twice outside his marital home and has even been accused of having love affairs with men. The Princess, on the other hand, had her part in a scandal, as she is said to have been involved with Anthony Barton, a wine producer who was also her daughter’s godfather in 1966. She also allegedly had a romantic affair with Robin Douglas Home, the nephew of former British Prime Minister Alec Douglas Home.

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In 1976, a tabloid published a picture of Princess Margaret with a man named Llewellyn, who was allegedly 17 years younger than her, wearing swimsuits and looking very relaxed in the company of others. She was branded a predator and the boy was called her lover, which shattered all hopes that the princess would ever be able to get her marriage to Anthony back on track. A month after the publication, the couple publicly admitted their failed marriage, and the divorce was finalized.