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Scandal: Who Is Ray Cabrera? Severo Sinvergüenza Videos Viral On Twitter: Ray Cabrera, who is he? He is a Venezuelan model who works at Severo Sinvergüenza and has risen to prominence due to his physical look and customer service skills.

Ray Cabrera is well-known as a model for Severo Sinvergüenza. He is 27 years old and comes from Venezuela.

He has recently been in the news after numerous people interviewed him in response to criticism about how he performs his services on the land. One of these interviewers used TikTok.

Cabrera’s physical appearance, confident demeanor, and suggestive movements propelled him to fame at “Severo Sinvergüenza,” a restaurant in Cali’s Parque del Perro.

Scandal: Who Is Ray Cabrera?

Ray Cabrera is a model from Venezuela who works at Severo Scoundrel.

He is originally from Venezuela and relocated to Colombia six years ago. He is grateful for how the nation has treated him.

Ray uses social media to market himself as a model, posting photos of himself posing for the camera.

Ray Cabrera

In other publications, for example, he refrains from sharing pictures of his daily activities and humorous TikTok videos in which he can express his feelings.

Cabrera recently recreated noises from the social network for short videos, declaring, “I am a sexy loner.

Recently, videos of his business, which is located in Park del Perro, California, have flooded social media, primarily TikTok.

Although the nearby shop sells waffles, the way the men there handle their mostly female customers has given us plenty to talk about.

Severo Sinvergüenza Videos Viral On Twitter

Severo Sinvergüenza, a Cali, Colombia-based bakery that sells phallic-shaped pastries and waffles, has recently garnered national attention on social media and in the media.

The shop’s unique method of serving customers, which involves simulating romantic scenarios with sweets, has gone viral.

Few dessert shops are as divisive as “Severo Scoundrel,” a California eatery that has garnered social media fame for its unique and contentious customer service method.

Scandal: Who Is Ray Cabrera? Severo Sinvergüenza Videos Viral On Twitter

A video taken inside the premises recently got viral on social media. Ray Cabrera, one of the staff members, is seen kissing and spraying condensed milk on a client’s chest in the footage.

The film elicited a wide range of reactions on social media. Nonetheless, it piqued the attention of hundreds of people who wanted to learn more about the location and its wonderful staff.

“Respect and consent are the foundations for everything they do,” the restaurant said in an Instagram post about its dedication to team member training. Any conduct that leans towards pleasure is prohibited.”

Despite this, “Severo scoundrel” emphasized that his employees have been trained to ensure that everything done in the Company “is based on respect and consent.”

Any behavior that goes beyond the bounds of enjoyment and sensuality is prohibited, and as a brand, we are not responsible for such behavior on our land.

Cabrera, on the other hand, has been chastised for his performances, and “Severo Sinvergüenza” has been chastised for the products it distributes.

On social media, there has been a lot of debate about masculinity. It is speculated that if a woman held Cabrera’s job, the model would not receive the positive response that he has.