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Not only football players, actors, and politicians are raking in a huge sum of money in their individual professions. Meet Sips, a professional video game developer who has carved out a niche for himself as a heavyweight in the gaming world.

As an accomplished game commentator for Yogscast, Sips has been running many channels and working with international game characters since he entered the mainstream. YouTuber joined Bristol-based media company Yogscast sometime in 2009, and through hard work, he later rose to become a website designer. His expertise in video games would make him a sought-after figure in the gaming community and beyond.

Today, Sips owns four YouTube channels and has also created several video games including Towns, Orcs Must Die Don’t Starve Starve, Prison Architect, Dishonored, Skyrim, and Garry’s Mod. Chris runs a dirt production company in Minecraft called SipsCo, which he founded with the popular YouTuber Paul Sykes, with whom he regularly plays Minecraft.

Before his fame, Chris did several odd jobs just to make ends meet. He reportedly worked at Canadian Tire and was once a janitor. Below is everything you need to know about the Internet veteran.

Sips Biography (Wiki)

Sips is best known as a member of The Yogscast, a prominent video game publisher. He has gained immense fame for his involvement on the Internet, especially in the gaming world, where he is respected for his classic games.

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He was born on June 5, 1980, in Canada as Chris Daniel Lovasz. Information about his siblings, his early life, his school achievements, and his parents is not really known to the media. However, we have learned that his mother bought him jingle cats (a series of Christmas recordings) on VHS when he was fourteen and that he studied computer programming at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for two years.

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Who Is Sips Wife and His Son?

The YouTuber is happily married to a beautiful woman named Claudine Lovasz. The couple met in the late 1990s and eventually married shortly after. Chris and his lovely wife have a son named Poopfeast420 and a daughter whom he named Torbjorn.

Further details about the wife and children of Sips are not publicly known at the moment. The Internet personality has yet to tell us more about his lovely family, and when he finally does, we promise to let you know. So stay tuned.

His Net Worth

The financial situation of the left-handed celebrity could possibly be reviewed. After a desperate search, we could not get our hands on an authentic report showing how much he earns with his online career. But we are sure that he is making a huge amount of money with his wealth of business channels.

Other Facts About The Video Gamer

1. Aliases

As a veteran video gamer, Sips is a household name in the gaming community. The popularity he enjoys today is due to his creativity, talent, and ability to connect with people of different classes.

Chris is known to many people by several names – he has tons of usernames and nicknames that he has earned for his roles in the Internet world.

These nicknames include The Real Guy, Sips3 Million, Chet Williams The Best Guy, Platinum Boy, Freddie Mercury, The Viking God, Mr. Ideas, Bloodette, Magnificent Bastard, Granny Bacon, Old Hogan, Sipsereno, Scorpion, Ronda McSteel, Supercop, Ruffio Lorenzo, Magicmike, Chris Lovesass, Ron Johnson and others.

2. Birth Sign

The sun sign of the YouTuber is Gemini.

3. Notable Quotes

Chris is not only popular because of his video games, but also because of his numerous quotes about internet shops and so on. Some of them are “You son of a gun!” “No? Just me? Possibly my dad?” It was me, Mom!” “Damn it, Sjin!” Prepare your assholes: “Come on, Sjin, you big dope!” “WHY IS THE BELT UNDER HIS ASS?” and many others.

4. Favorite Show

His favorite show is the Golden Girls, his favorite movie is Office Space.

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5. He Smokes or Not

The video player uses an electronic cigarette.

6. Diet

Chris is a vegetarian. He made the decision to become a vegan in 2006 after watching a documentary about chicken processing.

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7. Slogans

The Internet lives by the slogan “Big Money, Big Women, Big Fun”, while its slogans are “Mr. Ideas has an idea coming” and “Holy shit”.

8. YouTube Channels

He has about five YouTube channels, with YogscastSips being the most remarkable of all. The others are – Team Double Dragon, Sips, Triforce, and Sips – Live! Sip’s YogscastSips channel has more than 1.9 million subscribers, while his Twitter account has more than 360K followers.

9. Residence

He currently lives with his family in Jersey (officially the Bailiwick of Jersey), a dependency of the British Crown. He previously lived in Orleans, Ottawa, Canada before moving to Jersey.