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In today’s world, you don’t have to be a superstar to become famous, because just having a celebrity as a friend can easily climb the celebrity ladder. People like Violetta Komyshan enjoy this advantage by being a popular singer and actress who is Ansel Elgort’s Bae.

With over three thousand followers on Instagram, Komyshan is best known for her romantic relationship with the Manhattan-born rising star. Learn more about this young up-and-coming model.

Who is Violetta Komyshan?

Born on January 20, 1996, Komyshan is a young American model and dancer who has gained massive fame through her activities in social media. The daughter of a Russian father and a Ukrainian mother, Komyshan grew up in Brooklyn alongside her older sister Suzana, but her family moved to Manhattan where she attended LaGuardia High School. Violetta Koyshan has American citizenship with white ethnicity.

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Other Fact about Ansel Elgort’s Girlfriend

Violetta Komyshan is a trained Ballerina

Inspired by her parents and other family members, Komyshan began training as a dancer at the age of 11. After graduating from high school, Komyshan, who was born into a middle-class family, completed an internship with various companies throughout America, including the popular Parisian American Academy of Dance and Opera Ballet. She was trained by the famous but deceased French ballerina, choreographer, and teacher, Violette Verdy, who idolizes her.

Komyshan trained as a dancer at the American Ballet Theater and then joined the New York City-based dance company Ballet Next as a professional dancer.

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She is a Fitness Teacher

Apart from being a good dancer, Violetta Komyshan is also a good fitness teacher. With a height of 1.82 m and a girth of 34-26-36 cm, the young beauty started a 20-minute ballet-inspired workout for those who want a firm butt.

The beautiful ballerina has slender, long legs thanks to her long dance training. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is 1.82 m tall and weighs 174 pounds. His chest and biceps are 96.5 cm and 33 cm respectively.

She met Ansel Elgort in High School

For those who don’t know yet: Komyshan and Elgort are high school sweethearts. They met as teenagers at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia Performing Arts High School after Komyshan moved to New York City to train as dancers.

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Ansel Elgort has been nominated for the 2018 Golden Globe for his role in the action thriller Baby Driver 2017. The American actor and singer happen to be the youngest of three siblings. He was born on March 14, 1994, in Manhattan, also known as The City. Elgort’s father, Arthur Elgort, is a fashion photographer for Vogue, and he is of Russian Jewish descent, while his mother, Greta, is an opera director and is of English, German and Norwegian descent. He has two siblings – an older brother named Warren, who works as an editor, and an older sister Sophie, who is a photographer.

Apart from their eight-month separation in 2014, the couple enjoys their relationship indisputably. Afterward, they got back together again, and Violetta even appeared in his music video Thief. Even though the two seem very young, they seem to be very mature in dealing with relationship issues.

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Together with her boyfriend, Violetta Komyshan played the leading role in a fashion campaign in which designer Amanda Uprichard took pictures of them dancing and modeling together when they were still in high school. They also made a number of trips together, visiting places like Italy, Thailand and Turks and Caicos Islands, and many others.

What is Violetta Komyshan’s Net Worth?

The ballet dancer Komyshan is a very sociable person, but her earnings are not quite open, so her salary and net worth are not yet known, but as for her friend Ansel Elgort, he is worth over $5 million. He was named the highest-paid actor by People With Money. According to the magazine, he earned $46 million between July 2017 and July 2018, which is about $20 million ahead of his closest competitors.

Aside from acting, Elgort earns much of his fortune with some juicy sponsorship deals with companies like CoverGirl cosmetics. He also invests in some real estate and in his restaurants, like the Fat Elgort Burger chain in Washington. He also has a vodka brand, Pure Wonderelgort – US, and a best-selling perfume called “With Love from Ansel”. To crown it all, Ansel Elgort has a fashion line called “Ansel Elgort Seduction”.