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Who Is Zoe Larmey? Tennessee Woman Charged With Domestic Terrorism: Zoe Larmey, a protestor from Tennessee, has been accused in the clash.

An attorney for the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, who is also an Antifa activist, has been charged with domestic terrorism in association with rioting in Atlanta.

28-year-old Thomas Webb Jurgens is one of the 23 individuals detained after tense clashes between police and protesters at the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center construction site.

Protesters with a history of doing so, a former teacher, and a young dancer who has only recently begun engaging in the action are among the others.

During the riots on Sunday, police were attacked with fireworks and Molotov cocktails, and machinery and building equipment were destroyed.

For months, activists have held demonstrations against the “Cop City” police station.

Who Is Zoe Larmey?

Zoe Larmey was one of the terrorists apprehended by police during the demonstration.

The group is accused of transferring from a nearby music event to the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center construction site on Sunday night “to execute a concerted assault on construction machinery and Police employees.”

The gang is suspected of attacking police officers with commercial-grade fireworks, Molotov cocktails, large rocks, and bricks while dressed in black.

Who Is Zoe Larmey? Tennessee Woman Charged With Domestic Terrorism

Polite Pause, According to the city, police searched a music festival near the training site.

Tensions have been elevated since a state trooper shot and killed a protester there. The GBI, on the other hand, claims that the protester shot first.

When Channel 2 reporter Michael Seident returned to the site on Monday, he saw state officials scouring and cataloging the burned-out wreckage left behind.

Do Officers Arrest The Terrorists?

The night started with a music festival on the site where Atlanta planned to construct a police and fire training facility, but it quickly devolved into chaos.

According to Atlanta Police, this occurred during what looked to be a peaceful protest against the proposed Atlanta Public Safety Training Center near Bouldercrest Road.

A group of violent agitators attacked police personnel and construction machinery on Key Road.

The celebration was part of a “week of mobilization” against the facility, according to opponents.

Stop Cop City and Preserve Atlanta Forest publicized the activities scheduled for the week to demonstrate their opposition.

They invited people from all over the nation to show their support for their cause, and hundreds showed up.

Sunday night, attendees told Channel 2’s Courtney Francisco that around 5 p.m., a group broke off to demonstrate nearby.

Who Is Zoe Larmey? Tennessee Woman Charged With Domestic Terrorism

According to APD, over 100 protesters clad entirely in black entered the construction area and started throwing Molotov cocktails, massive rocks, bricks, and fireworks at police officers.

What Happened Between Police And Protesters?

When individuals and activist groups gather at the proposed site for a “week of action” to oppose its development, a major incident between police and demonstrators occurs.

According to Marlon Kautz, an organizer with the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, this is the first week of action since the state killed someone, referring to the January police shooting death of Manuel Paez Teran.

He had been shot 13 times, according to a clandestine autopsy.

According to officials, Teran, who was characterized as nonbinary, reportedly fired at a Georgia State Patrol trooper during a “clearing operation” of the ostensibly autonomous zone at the $90 million project site.

The week’s activities included an evening Jewish Shabbat service, herbal classes, and a “know your rights” program.

The protesters who had fled into the woods when the brawl erupted Sunday night were scheduled to attend the Weelaunee Music Festival.