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Oberyn Martell Death: Who Killed Him In Game Of Thrones?: Have you ever wondered who was to blame for the death of Prince Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones? Fans of the program were shocked by Oberyn’s death and questioned the reasons for his death.

Game of Thrones has a huge cast of characters and few are as well-known as Prince Oberyn Martell also known as the Red Viper of Dorne.

When he was killed in the fourth season fans were stunned and devastated.

Fans and reviewers alike praised Pablo Pascal’s portrayal of Oberyn Martell making his death all the more heartbreaking.

His portrayal of the character captured his charming wit and fierce devotion to his family making his loss all the more heartbreaking.

The events surrounding Oberyn’s death have been the subject of much debate and analysis as one of the series’ most iconic deaths.

Oberyn Martell Death: Who Killed Him In Game Of Thrones?

Oberyn Martell was a fascinating and complicated character who was beloved by many Game of Thrones fans for his quick wit charm and fierce resolve to avenge his family.

He was the younger brother of Dorne’s ruler Prince Doran Martell and was renowned for his combat prowess as well as his passion of women and wine.

Oberyn Martell Death: Who Killed Him In Game Of Thrones?

Gregor Clegane also known as “The Mountain” murders Prince Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones.

Clegane is one of the Seven Kingdoms’ most feared warriors and he and Oberyn are put against each other in a combat trial.

Oberyn wants vengeance on the Lannisters for his sister Elia and her children’s deaths during Robert’s Rebellion.

He thinks Clegane is to blame for the deaths and demands he confesses. Oberyn appears to have the upper hand and is about to deliver the killing strike when he makes a critical error.

Instead of murdering Clegane, he insists that he confess to the crimes. Clegane seizes the opportunity gouging Oberyn’s eyes and crushing his cranium.

Why Was Oberyn Martell’s Death Such A Tragedy?

Oberyn Martell’s death was tragic for a number of causes. He was first and foremost a beloved character who had won the affections of many fans.

His wit charisma and fighting abilities made him one of the series’ most enthralling characters. His passing was shocking and unexpected and it devastated many watchers.

Oberyn Martell Death: Who Killed Him In Game Of Thrones?

Second because of the circumstances surrounding his demise Oberyn’s death was tragic. He sought and came dangerously near to obtaining justice for his sister and her children’s deaths.

He had Clegane on the ropes and was on his way to victory when he made his deadly error. This made his death all the more heartbreaking because justice was so near yet so far away.

Finally, Oberyn’s death had far-reaching consequences for the remainder of the series.

His death shifted the balance of power in Westeros triggering a sequence of events that would eventually lead to House Lannister’s demise.

Pedro Pascal’s Hilarious Take On Oberyn Martell’s Death 

Pedro Pascal the Game of Thrones actor who played Prince Oberyn Martell has recently made news for his lighthearted and humorous take on his character’s gruesome end in the show.

Pascal’s sense of humor didn’t end there. He admitted that his audition for the part of Oberyn was anything but professional.

He had a friend film him with his iPhone during the audition and he even had the script sheets in front of him. “The suckers bought it” he quipped. “Was it my fault? No, it belongs to them.”

Although Oberyn’s death is generally regarded as one of the most brutal and memorable moments in the show’s history Pascal appears to be unconcerned about how his character died.

In fact, he considers the entire situation amusing. “It makes me feel like a boss,” he remarked.

Despite the substantial assets at stake, the divorce was apparently amicable and the couple reached an agreement without the involvement of lawyers.