“You Make Me Want To Be A Better Man” – Actor Yemi Solade Says To His Wife On Their 16th Anniversary



The moment two individuals are in a heartfelt connection, one of their goals is to get married and respectively live forever, but this is usually not the situation for some couples.

With the speed at which individuals part ways these days, it is critical to celebrate those who stay together for a long time.

62-year-old veteran artist Yemi Solade met Hannah Swamp Solade during the arrangement of Rib Adenuga’s “Super Story”, they married in September 2006 after he split from his most memorable wife. The couple, who currently have two children, Rola Solade and Femi Solade, have been together for a long time.

Yemi took to his Instagram page to praise Hannah, he said she is the explanation he discovered about worship, he wrote about how he loves her and promised to continue to do so. He ended by saying that she makes him need to be a superior man.

Here is his post shared below:

Hannah responded to the post with lots of love emoticons and furthermore posted a picture of them on her Instagram story to praise the day. Happy marriage celebration for them.

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