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Young Dolph was a beloved American rapper who, unfortunately, had his life cut tragically short in November 2021. After his death, fans around the world were left wondering what would become of those he left behind – including Aria Ella Thornton, his young daughter.

This article provides an overview of Young Dolph’s family and their lives since the tragedy that befell them as they attempt to move forward without him. We explore where Young Dolph’s wife and children are today after losing such an important figure in their lives and how they are coping with this difficult situation.

Aria Thornton is the daughter of late rapper Young Dolph, who was born Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. in Chicago, Illinois but moved to Memphis, Tennessee at two years old and ultimately met his demise there at 36 years old. His death put an even greater focus on Aria and her family unit as people were curious about what would happen next for them. This profile summary will provide a deeper look into Aria’s life before getting into further detail about her journey thus far.

Despite her young age, the late father of this young tot has had a few details revealed about him that can be verified. This includes his profession, educational background, established net worth, and any forms of social media presence he may have had. These are all pieces of information that cannot apply to the young tot due to her youthfulness; however, they do provide insight into who she is as an individual through their familial connection. Therefore it is important for us to understand these facts before we learn more about what limited information exists regarding the life of this particular minor.

Aria Ella Thornton Biography

Aria Ella Thornton, daughter of the late American rapper Young Dolph and the second child in her family, was born in April 2017 in the United States. She has become renowned for being the only daughter of a now-deceased artist.

Aria Ella Thornton was born in Memphis, Tennessee, a city located in the United States. She had the privilege of being raised by her widowed mother Mia Jaye and her elder brother Tre Tre Thornton during her formative years.

Young Dolph’s funeral

On the 17th of November 2021, tragedy struck when a beloved rapper was gunned down while visiting his favorite store, Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies. The individual suffered 22 gunshot wounds to their back, neck, and torso with entry points indicating they were unaware of the attack until it happened. This senseless act has sent shockwaves throughout the entire community as this artist had been at the peak of their career before this incident occurred.

The two suspects involved in the case have been identified and officially charged with the murder, and their trial is expected to be a lengthy process. A private funeral service was held on 30 November 2021 at First Baptist Church Broad Avenue, which included a personal procession that moved through town prior to the start of the ceremony.


Aria Ella is assumed to have completed her preschool/nursery education and has likely progressed into elementary school by this point.

How many kids did Young Dolph have?

He and his partner are the proud parents of two children, Aria and her brother Tre Tre Thornton.

How old is Aria Ella Thornton?

Young Dolph’s daughter, Aria Ella Thornton, is estimated to be five years old as of September 2022. His son is eight years old in the same year.

Aria Ella Thornton Father

Adolph Robert Thornton, better known by his stage name Dolph, was a renowned American rapper who unfortunately passed away at the young age of 36 due to a gunshot near his house. Born on July 27th, 1985, and deceased on November 17th, 2021, he had an incredibly short lifetime in which he achieved immense fame and popularity amongst people. During this time period, Dolph was in a long-term relationship with Mia Jaye; though they never got married officially they did have two children together – Tre Tre Thomson being their oldest son and Aria Ella Thornton being their youngest daughter.

Aria Ella Thornton know about Young Dolph's daughter
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Adolph Robert’s untimely passing a year ago was an immense tragedy for his children and girlfriend, leaving them without the presence of their beloved. His music lives on, however; some of his most memorable songs include “100 Shots,” “Talking to My Scale,” “Foreva,” “Water on Water On Water On” and more. Even in death Adolph continues to touch the hearts of many with his artistry.

Aria Ella Thornton Mother

Aria Ella Thornton was born on April 15th, 1989 in Detroit, Michigan. Her mother is Mia Jaye – a renowned entrepreneur, social activist, and social media influencer. She also hosts her own podcast and is the founder of The Mon E.O fashion brand; making her an incredibly successful businesswoman who takes care of herself financially as well as personally. Additionally, Mia Jaye has been in a long-term relationship with American rapper Adolph Robert for some time now

Mia is an inspiring example of a successful working mother. She was already on her career path when she met Adolph, who had already become famous as a rapper. They maintained a long-term relationship and eventually welcomed their first child together – a baby boy. Although the couple has since separated, Mia has managed to balance her career with parenting responsibilities for both children equally well; providing them with love from both parents at the same time. Her commitment to being an independent supermom for her son and daughter has earned her much respect in society today.

Aria Ella Thornton Career

Ella is a celebrity kid but does not have any career of her own yet. Aria’s father Young Dolph provided for her while he was alive, however now that he has passed away, the responsibility of providing for Ella falls on her mother Mia Jaye.

Her father is a renowned American rapper and musician, while her mother is an accomplished entrepreneur and businesswoman who has founded the popular fashion brand “The Mon E.O.” Her parents have achieved great success in their respective fields, making them both highly respected figures in the industry.

Aria Ella Thornton Net worth

Aria Ella Thornton is not currently employed, so her net worth is unknown. Her father, Young Dolph, however, was estimated to have a net worth of $3 million at the time of his death.

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Social media profiles

Mia Jaye and her brother can be seen on their mother’s Instagram page, @iammiajaye, which has an impressive 364 thousand followers. Mia also has a presence on Twitter under the handle @IamMiaJaye with 843 followers. Additionally, Young Dolph is still represented on Instagram as @youngdolph with 4.9 million devoted fans of his music and legacy.

Aria Ella Thornton, the daughter of late rap artist Young Dolph, is only a preschooler but her future looks bright. Her parents have provided her with an excellent foundation and her mother’s commitment to keeping his father’s name and legacy alive ensures that she will continue to benefit from his influence even after he has passed away.


She was born in April 2017.

Adolph Robert Thornton is the father of Aria Ella Thornton, and Mia Jaye is her mother.

Aria Ella Thornton’s sibling is named Tre Tre Thornton.

Aria Ella Thornton does not possess an Instagram profile.

She is a five years old baby girl.

Quick Facts about Aria Ella Thornton

Full nameAria Ella Thornton
Date of birthApril 2017
AgeFive years old
Zodiac signUndisclosed
BirthplaceUndisclosed location in the USA
Romantic orientationNot applicable
Religious beliefsChristianity (family religion)
Current residenceMemphis, Tennesee, USA
Current nationalityAmerican
Martial statusNot applicable
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
ParentsAdolph Robert Thornton Jr. and Mia Jaye Dolph
SiblingsTre Tre Thornton (brother)
ProfessionNot applicable
Native languageEnglish
Net worthNot applicable
Social media profilesNot applicable