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Stephen Hawking in a word? GENIUS! He has been suffering from a progressive paralytic disease known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) for almost half of his life, but during all this time this man has made groundbreaking inventions that would make life difficult for his far healthier colleagues.

The English theoretical physicist Hawking became famous in the 1970s following the invention of his Hawking radiation – he proved that matter in the form of radiation can escape the gravitational force of a collapsed star, a phenomenon previously considered impossible.

The more discoveries Hawking made, the more his celebrity status increased. The world became increasingly interested in what was happening not only in his laboratories but also in his private life. Hawking died on 14 March 2018 at the age of 76. The family did not disclose the cause of death but said he died “peacefully” at his home in Cambridge, England. Let us examine some of the latter.

Stephen Hawking Wife Children, Grandchildren

There are many versions of the story of Stephen Hawking and his wife, in particular the first, Jane Hawking. It is said that they met during their studies and started seeing each other before Hawking was diagnosed with ALS.

Stephen Hawking Wife, Children, Grandchildren, Net Worth, IQ, Is He Dead?
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After being diagnosed, Jane stayed with him and even accepted to marry him, which encouraged Hawkings to make the most of the time the doctors said he left.

Hawking and Jane were married in 1965, and about two years later, in May 1967, the couple welcomed their first issue, a son named Robert. Another, a daughter named Lucy, arrived in 1970, and their third and final child, a son named Timothy, was born in April 1979. Hawkings has at least three grandchildren.

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By the 1980s, however, their relationship was no longer as rosy. Jane, who had discovered a new interest in music, had fallen in love with her organist Jonathan Hellyer Jones, but eventually, she did not let her love for Jones break up her marriage. Jones was later to become a friend of the Hawkings, but this did not last long.

In the late 1980s, Hawking developed a romantic relationship with one of his guardians named Eliane Mason. As a result, he left his family home in 1990 and married Eliane the same year, after completing his divorce from Jane in 1995. However, there have been reports that their relationship was marked by domestic violence with Hawking as the victim. Two years later, in 1997, Jane married Jones.

The abuse allegations led to investigations, but Hawking refused to help the authorities with the investigation and preferred to keep quiet. His relationship with his children and relatives also became strained.

In 2006, however, Hawking seemed to have had enough of it, as he and Mason divorced in silence. He then developed a working relationship with his first wife Jane and restored his relationship with her children.

Stephen Hawking Wife, Children, Grandchildren, Net Worth, IQ, Is He Dead?
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Jane wrote an autobiography about her marriage to Hawking entitled Music to Move the Stars: A Life with Stephen (1999). In 2007 the book was re-released under the new title Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen.

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Stephen Hawking IQ

Hawking’s intelligence quotient (IQ) was rated 160. In fact, Stephen comes from a family of geniuses. Both of his parents were outstanding in their own fields and although they were not rich, the scholarships they earned enabled them to attend the prestigious University of Oxford.

Stephen would follow the same path and become even more famous than his parents. His father was a parasitologist, while his mother’s discipline included philosophy, politics, and economics.

Is He Dead?

Some conspiracists have debated the possibility that Hawking is still alive. They speculate that the Hawking we see today is just a clone, while they note some changes, including that ALS hardly affects the appearance of teeth and that Hawking looks much younger compared to someone his age who has a disease.

Stephen Hawking Death

According to credible sources, Stephen died early Wednesday morning on March 14, 2018, aged 76 and born in 1942.

After being diagnosed with ALS in his final years at Oxford, doctors said the case was progressive and estimated that he had about three years to live. Hawkings beat these numbers and continued to achieve great things in life.

Net Worth: $20 million

Hawking’s works not only celebrated and revered him but also made him rich. The many honors with which he was honored are associated with cash, such as the $3 million Special Prize for Fundamental Physics in 2012, and Stephen Hawking’s net worth is estimated at $20 million.