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Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas is an African American professional footballer in the National Football League (NFL). Thomas was drafted by the Broncos in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft and was the 22nd overall winner of the draft. He was called to the second all-pro team twice, five times to the Pro Bowl, and once to the Super Bowl. He completed his college career with Georgia Tech. Learn more about him below.

Demaryius Thomas Bio (Age)

Demaryius Thomas was born on December 25, 1987, in Montrose, Georgia, to African-American parents and is a US citizen. He attended West Laurens High School in Dexter, Georgia. During his time at the school, Thomas participated in athletic events as well as basketball and soccer. As a junior, he played the position of a wide receiver under coach Andrew Slome. His outstanding achievements earned him scholarship offers from Duke, Georgia Tech, and Georgia Bulldogs. He also participated in the 2006 Georgia Olympics, where he competed in the 100-meter sprint, the 4 x 100-meter relay, and finished fourth in the triple jump.

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During his college career, he transferred to the Georgia Institute of Technology where he played for the Georgia Tech soccer team under the direction of coach Chan Galley. Thomas was rehabilitated in the 2006 season and in 2007 he played thirteen games for the team, recording 35 receptions with 558 receptions. He received an All-America Honorary Award and was inducted into the All-Atlantic Coast Conference the same year. Thomas received his 2009 breakout season, during which he played 46 receptions with 1,154 receptions and eight touchdowns. He received an honorary award from the 1st All-ACC team and was listed among the prospects for the 2010 NFL draft.

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Professional Career and Stats

Demaryius was named the 22nd person to be signed by the Denver Broncos during the 2010 NFL draft and later signed a five-year contract with the Broncos worth $12.155 million with a $9.35 million guarantee. His rookie season was abandoned due to injuries. He played 10 of 15 games with an average of two touchdowns per game on 22 receiving and 283 receiving yards.

The following season, he set an NFL franchise record by leading the Broncos on goals and receiving yards in the last seven games of the season. He finished the season with four touchdowns and 32 receptions with 551 receiving banks. He was called to the Pro Bowl in 2012 and ranked 68th on the NFL Top 100 Players list in 2013, and the following year he competed in the Super Bowl XLVIII and also finished 49th in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2014.

In 2015, Thomas received a franchise day from the Broncos and his contract was renewed with another five-year contract worth $70 million. This year he finished with six touchdowns, 105 receptions, and 1,304 receiving courts. At the end of the season, he was called to Super Bowl 50. After his fifth game in the 2016 season, he was appointed to the 2017 Pro Bowl. Thomas has remained a consistent figure and an important part of the Broncos; he has seen only major improvements in his eight-year career with this team.

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One of the most underestimated qualities of Demaryius Thomas is his consistency. The star has suffered a number of injuries in the past seven seasons of his professional career. Yet he has never missed a single match due to injury. During the match against the Giants in October 2017, Thomas sprained his ankle and limped after the game. However, after a magnetic resonance tomography of the star was performed, it turned out that it was only a bruise. In the next game against the Chargers, Thomas returned to the pitch.

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His Mom

Thomas was born the son of African-American parents Bobby Thomas and Katina Smith. He was their only child, and as he grew up, the police raided his mother’s apartment and arrested both his mother and grandmother. They were sentenced to 20 years and life in prison for distributing crack cocaine. After the incident, Thomas was raised by his aunt and uncle.

Interestingly, on 30 July 2015, former US President Barack Obama reduced his mother’s sentence, who was later released in November 2015. Similarly, on August 2, 2016, Obama commuted the sentence of his grandmother Pearl Thomas. His mother watched him play football for the first time in January 2016. It was indeed a moment of reunion and great joy for Thomas and his family.

Demaryius Thomas Height and Body Measurements

The Denver Broncos wide receiver shows excellent vertical speed, agility, and unique ball capabilities thanks to his well-built body. he is very tall, stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches, and has a corresponding body weight of 224 pounds. He also has an arm length of 33 inches, while his hands are 10.5 centimeters long. He has black hair and brown eyes.