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If you know the hip-hop crew Migos well, then you probably also know Offset, one of the founding members of the group. With songs like “Yung Rich Nation” and “Culture” topping the charts, Migos have continued to dominate several music charts and have set musical trends with their incredible style and musical abilities. Offset is not only a member of the Migos but also famous after his marriage to the American rapper and actress Cardi B.

The couple has been in a back-and-forth relationship since 2017, and since then their turbulent romance has made headlines time and again. It is nevertheless remarkable that Offset enjoys a flourishing solo career; he has released a successful solo album and several singles. He has also collaborated with several top artists, including Drake and many others. Besides being a rapper, he is also a songwriter and singer and an investor in the sports organization FaZe Clan. Read on to learn all about the rapper’s relationship with Cardi B and his children.

Who Is Migos’ Offset?

Offset is a renowned American rapper, singer, and songwriter from the suburb of Gwinnett County of Georgia, USA. Although more popular under his stage name Offset, he was born on December 14, 1991, as Kiari Kendrell Cephus. He grew up with his cousin Quavo and nephew Takeoff, who are also members of the hip-hop group Migos. The group was founded in 2008 by Offset and his two relatives.

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Quavo’s mother, who was a hairdresser, was responsible for the upkeep of the three boys as Offset, and Takeoff’s father left them at a young age. The three grew up in Gwinnett County, a neighborhood known as the hub of Mexican drug cartels. Despite his harsh upbringing, Offset was able to complete his high school education. He graduated from Berkmar High School in Lilburn, Georgia, in 2009. At that time, the band was still in the start-up phase.

During his high school years, Offset also played football, although he could not get far due to a serious injury to his foot bone. As a result, he decided to venture into hip-hop music with his cousin and nephew.

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Migos’ Offset at a Glance

How Did He Become Famous?

At the beginning of his career, Offset, Quavo and Takeoff formed a music group in 2008, which initially bore the name Polo Club. In 2011 the trio released the mixtape “Juug Season”, which happened to be their very first full-length music project. This was followed by “No Label”, another mixtape, which was released on June 1, 2012. However, the trio became popular after the release of their debut single “Versace” in 2013.

Their popularity continued to grow as the rapper Drake produced a remix of the song with an additional verse, which he later performed at the iHeartRadio music festival in 2013. The group’s first studio album, Yung Rich Nation, was released in 2015, and in 2017 their single “Bad and Boujee” became another big hit, especially on the internet. While their popularity continued to grow, the Migos released their second studio album “Culture”. After the release, the album dominated the number one position on Billboard 200.

Apart from the group projects, Offset did just as well and tried to build a healthy career. He has worked with a variety of musical artists including Metro Boomin, Drake, Macklemore, and 21 Savage. With the Migos, he has released two studio albums to date: Yung Rich Nation and Culture. As a solo artist, he released his first single Ric Flair Drip in 2017. Two years later, he released his first solo studio album “Father of 4” on February 22, 2019.

Details of His Relationship With Cardi B

Similar to his musical career, Offset’s private life is also on the trend list for some interesting reasons. The singer has dated a number of female celebrities, but his relationship was most pronounced with American rapper, songwriter, and TV star Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, also known as Cardi B.

Offset and Cardi were secretly married in September 2017, and although the marriage only lasted a year, the two of them at least set the record for building a family together. Offset and Cardi met for the first time in New York in February 2017. Although their meeting was accidental, they quickly went public and let the world know how they felt about each other. Cardi B spoke quite loudly about their relationship.

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She was even the one who showed a video of them for the first time on Valentine’s Day. The two of them had a back and forth relationship for several months before Offset got down on her knees to propose to her. Cardi is a woman who would give anything to have a family, and when Offset proposed to her before a sold-out concert in Philadelphia, a few days before Halloween 2017, it was a dream come true for her.

Despite her commitment, their relationship was not entirely rosy, as it continued to have its ups and downs. There were a number of rumors about offset-related scams, and these rumors were further fuelled when some of his explicit videos and pictures appeared online. As a result of the above, Cardi B still chose to be with him. Their relationship grew stronger and stronger, so Offset got a neck tattoo with her name on it.

Although the details of their wedding are not known, we do know that they were married privately on September 20, 2017. After their wedding, the couple welcomed a little girl named Kulture Kiari Cephus on July 10, 2018. Since then they have done everything to be the best parents for their daughter.

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Are Offset and Cardi B Still Married?

The couple has gone through some difficult phases in their relationship, but they are still together. In December 2018, the news of their separation made the rounds, and many thought that it was over between the two music stars. Cardi broke the jinx at Instagram with a video clip entitled “There you go, peace and love” in which they tried to work things out but failed.

She continued, “We’re really good friends, and we’re really good business partners – you know he’s always someone I need to talk to, and we have a lot of love for each other, but things between us just haven’t worked for a long time. Offset also confirmed the message with the comment “You won” under the post.

However, a young Instagram model named Summer Bunni claimed that she was behind the separation of Offset and Cardi. Her apology follows leaked messages about Offset organizing a threesome with the Instagram model and fellow rapper Cuban Doll. In one of the texts Offset says, “I want you and the Cuban Doll, can you make that happen?” and Summer replies, “Yes.

As a result, the rapper and Cardi B later reconciled and did not continue their divorce plans. Since then, they have continued their turbulent romance, though surrounded by many other controversies and allegations of infidelity. The good news, however, is that the couple can always crawl back into each other’s arms.

Prior to their meeting in 2017, Cardi and Offset had already had some relationships in the past. While the female rapper was known for dating DJ Self before meeting Offset, the Migos star, on the other hand, dated Atlanta-based model Alexis Skyy and singer Amber Rose.

How Many Children Does Migos’ Offset Have?

Through his previous relationships and marriage to Cardi B, Offset now has four children. He had his first child, a son named Jordan with a wife named Justine Watson. Jordan was born on December 21, 2009, and his birth was kept secret until late 2017 when the boy’s mother attacked him with a lawsuit to get more money for child support.

His second child, a son named Kody, was born on March 2, 2015, and he is the product of Offset’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Orielx Jamie. Shortly after Kody’s birth, American rapper Shya L’Amour also gave birth to a daughter named Kalea Marie. Kalea was born on 23 March 2015, just three weeks after Kody was born. His fourth child is Kulture Kiari Cephus, born on July 10, 2018. Kulture is the product of the rapper’s union with Cardi B. She was born in a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.