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Ted Nugent, an American songwriter, musician, political activist, Republican Party supporter, and board member of the controversial National Rifle Association, is also known for his strong anti-drug and anti-alcohol position. He is an advocate of hunting, which has been widely criticized by an animal rights activists.

He is known both as a musician and for having a strong opinion on certain national issues. Here is everything you could want to know about his wife, daughter, family, net worth, and whether he is still with us or whether he has kicked the bucket.

Ted Nugent Wiki

Ted Nugent, whose birth name is Theodore Anthony Nugent, was born on 13 December 1948 as one of four children (John, Jeffrey, and Kathy Nugent) of Marion Dorothy and Warren Henry Nugent as his father and mother respectively. He is an American national of mixed Irish, German and Swedish descent. He grew up with his siblings in Redford, Michigan, United States.

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Ted received his high school education at William Frem High School in Palatine, Illinois. After his first year here, he transferred to St Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He had a flair for music from a very young age and began making music for fun at the age of six. At the age of 14, he formed his first music band called Lourdes, which was very popular at that time.

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His interest in music took formal shape in Detroit, where he first recruited new members for the Amboy Dukes. They released their self-titled album and won national recognition the following year with the single Journey to the Centre of the Mind. However, the success that this band enjoyed did not keep him there for long, as he left the band to pursue a solo career. So he released his first solo album, which bore his name Ted Nugent.

In the 1980s he disappeared from the limelight for a few years and returned in 1995 with an album entitled Spirit of the Wild, expressing his political views and his relationship with nature and hunting. His return to the limelight continued gradually, and by mid-2000 he was holding shows that sold out completely, as well as his distribution of a book entitled God, Guns, and Rock-N-Roll.

Is Ted Nugent Dead or Alive?

On April 28, 2017, some websites published fake stories about Ted Nugent, who was accidentally shot in Montana by a fellow hunter who had called him a brown bear. However, no official news website published the story to make it look real. It was best assumed that the fake news was concocted and disseminated by animal rights activists who had fought a long battle with Ted’s penchant for hunting.

Ted’s spokesperson Linda Peterson was later contacted and questioned about the celebrity’s health status via email. She announced that everything was fake.

On the same day, Ted made a live Facebook video with his better half Sherman, which showed that he is very much alive and well. His wife also posted another live video on her own Facebook account, in which her husband’s voice could be clearly heard in the background as she played with her dog.

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Ted Nugent Wife, Daughter, Family

Ted was married twice. From 1970 to 79 he was married to Sandra Jezwoski, who gave him two children. A boy named Theodore Tobias “Toby” Nugent and a girl named Sasha Nugent, this was his first marriage. He gave them up for adoption in their childhood, and they were adopted separately and had no contact with each other. Their mother Sandra Jezowski died in a car accident in 1982.

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Over time and as adults they got to know each other. The boy learned of his father’s existence through the search of his sister who wanted to meet him. This became public knowledge in 2010.

Ted Nugent married his second wife Shemane Deziel on 21 January 1989. They met when he was a guest of the WLLZ-FM in Detroit, where she worked as a staff member of the news department. They have a son named Rocco Winchester Nugent.

However, in 1978, Nugent is said to have started a sexual relationship with a Hawaiian teenager named Pele Massa.

Ted Nugent’s Net Worth

Ted Nugent’s net worth is estimated at $20 million. The exact figure is not publicly known. However, he is certainly richer than that figure.