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Garett Bolles is an American soccer player who plays in the National Football League (NFL) for the Denver Broncos as an offensive tackle. He was called to the NFL in 2017 after a great high school and college career. Before he made it as a football player, Bolles’ life was heading to a low point, and forced his father to kick him out of the house. Somehow, he came along to pick things up and build himself up in a meaningful way.

Garett Bolles Biography

Garett Bolles was born on May 27, 1992, in Walnut Creek, California. He grew up there until his family moved to Lehi, Utah. For his education, the man from the Broncos went to Westlake High School, where he played soccer, something he has played since childhood.

Two months after graduating from high school, the then 19-year-old became homeless after his father threw him out because of the difficulties he always had with his life. Described as a moody boy, he was involved in many things, including vandalism and alcoholism, which the police knew by his first name.

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Soon things got out of control for his father, who was separated from Garett’s mother at the time and had to look after his younger ones, so he threw him out of the house with his belongings in a plastic garbage bag. Luckily for him, Greg Freeman, who trained him in the seventh grade, saw him and called his wife Emily Freeman to ask if he could take the child home. With four children of their own, the couple agreed to take him home.

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All of this was in 2011, and that was when the change began for him. He tried an LDS mission but was dropped after 10 months. Next, he went to Snow College, where he played for a few years, winning the WSFL Championship and the Salt City Bowl. He then transferred to the University of Utah, where he proved himself again and was even appointed to the All-Pac-12 Conference First Team in the only season he spent with the college before joining the 2017 NFL Draft.

Considered the best offensive tackle in the draft, Garett Bolles was ranked 20th by the Denver Broncos and made the jump to the PFWA All-Rookie Team in his first season.

After he was drafted, he received a contract worth over $11 million for four years. The contract also included an $8.59 million guarantee and a $6.16 million bonus. Before he came, there were only four times in history since 1968 that a rookie was started in every game after starting on the left tackle in all 16 games.

His Family, Wife/Girlfriend

Apart from his first family, Garett Bolles also refers to Freeman’s family as his family because they welcomed him and helped him to become what he is. His biological father was a Navy veteran.

In case you are wondering, the man from the Broncos does not have a girlfriend because he is married to Natalie Bolles, whom he has called his greatest blessing many times. Without much detail about how they met, it is known that they had been together for several years before they finally entered into the bond of marriage in December 2015.

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His union was blessed with a son, Kingston Bolles. In 2018 he announced on his Twitter that he and his wife were expecting their second child together, a daughter to be born in March 2019.

Aside from his Christian faith, which is very close to him and which he describes as one of the things that helped him find his way back, the giant NFL star sees his family as the most important thing in his life and he continues to use social media to share their images with others.

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Height, Weight, and Other Body Stats

Garett Bolles is a man of enormous size and build. The offensive tackle stands at a massive height of 1.95 m (6 feet 5 inches) and he weighs 134.7 kg (297 lb).

For his general body statistics, his arm length measures 34 inches, while his hands measure 9.3/8 inches. Other aspects of his body measurements are not known, but as mentioned above, he is well built to dominate any playing field.