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Iman Shumpert began his career with the National Basketball Association (NBA) as the 17th overall candidate in the 2011 NBA Draft. A few years later, he became NBA Champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers after the Cleveland Cavaliers made an impressive run in the 2016 NBA season. Undoubtedly, Iman has had good times in his career, but still, he has been involved in misconduct that is not so praiseworthy for a player like him who strives for the top. But is he really guilty in the sense of the prosecution?

You can find out all about it here, but first, let’s take a look at the player’s background and see how persistent he has been on the basketball court over the years.

Early Life And Career Begining Of Iman Shumpert

The baller was named Iman Asante Shumpert, after he was born on June 26, 1990, in Oak Park, Illinois, the son of Odis Shumpert (father) and L’Tanya Shumpert (mother). Like his siblings: Kasani, Odis Jr., and Ahrii Schumpert (all boys), with whom he grew up in Oak Park, Illinois.

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When he came of age, he enrolled at Oak Park and River Forest High School, where he began playing basketball more competitively. Iman was so impressive in his days as a high school basketball player, which is why he was an All-State player on the first team, was an MVP at conferences as a junior and senior, and played Parade All-American on the third team. After high school, the young ballplayer went to the Georgia Institute of Technology to play with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets men’s basketball team.

In keeping with his nature, the impressive form he took in high school continued in college for the two seasons (2008-2011) he played B-ball as a college student. Asante was inducted into the ACC All-Freshman Team in 2009, the ACC All-Defensive Team, and a second All-ACC Team in 2011. On March 28, 2011, he signed up for the 2011 NBA Draft and decided to give up his remaining years of college qualification.

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The New York Knicks chose Iman Shumpert as their award-winning Shooting Guard for the 17th overall selection for the 2011 NBA Draft. Iman had a productive stay with the Knicks and earned a 2012 NBA All-Rookie First Team Award. Nonetheless, he also suffered several injuries during his stay with the Madison Square Garden-based team.

Shumpert’s next move was to join the Cleveland Cavaliers after the Knicks made a deal through him. With the Cavaliers, Iman watched the 2015 NBA final, which they, unfortunately, lost to the Golden State Warriors. When the next season arrived, he also helped his team to another NBA final, which they finally won against the Golden State Warriors after they refused to throw in the towel, even though they had lost 3-1 at the beginning. When his service with the Cleveland’s ended, Shumpert was again transferred to the Sacramento Kings on February 8, 2018, this time to the Sacramento Kings. He is looking forward to improving his career during his stay with the Kings.

Family: Wife, Daughter

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The Shooting Guard is married to Teyana Taylor; the famous American dancer, sound artist, actress, and model. The couple did not actually get married until October 2016, but before that, on December 16, 2015, they had their daughter Iman Tayla Shumpert, Jr. Death was delivered by the NBA star with bare hands in her house after his suitor went into labor that day.

Iman Shumpert Cheating Rumors

Only a few celebrities have scandal-free marriages behind them, for some, they have actually done something, while for others it could be a case of false accusations or an ex who wants to deal a heavy blow to a former lover who has moved on and is doing well.

In the case of Iman Shumpert, the best way to say that his marriage was the victim of fraudulent rumors that did not last. It happened that his former teammate of the Cavaliers, Tristan Thompson, had something to do with one of his side chicks claiming that there was more than one Cavs player she was drilling behind closed doors when she wrote to her Instagram account. Then she wrote a post about the missing Iman Shumpert, who quickly triggered rumors that Iman was cheating on his wife. As the rumors began to spread around April 2018, more and more people began to refute the allegations that Iman was cheating on Teyana. It did not take too long and the rumors died out. The couple is still together and their marriage continues strongly.

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Net Worth

The NBA Shooting Guard has an estimated net worth of $14 million. Shumpert is an athlete who doesn’t want to spend money wastefully. He reportedly saves and invests half of his salary, no matter what his income is. Shumpert also enjoys sponsorship contracts with Adidas and Nike.

His Height and Other Facts

  • The ball player stands at a height of 1.96 m (6 feet 5 inches).
  • In high school, Iman was ranked 15th by, while ranked him 26th among the nation’s veteran basketball players.
  • He has a knack for music. Iman has released songs like Knicks Anthem, the mixtape Th3 #Post90s, and Dear Kendrick at various times, following in his wife’s footsteps.