Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley spotted smiling and holding hands after secret wedding.


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Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley spotted smiling and holding hands after secret wedding: Marriage seems to be casting its enchanting spell on the dynamic duo of Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley. Spotted hand in hand the newly married couple showcased their radiant smiles as they embarked on a romantic post-wedding escapade through the bustling streets of New York City.

The couple’s euphoria was palpable as they made their first public appearance since their discreet wedding. The 39-year-old music maestro and his 28-year-old “Fosse/Verdon” star spouse were captured in a heartwarming stroll through the captivating neighborhoods of SoHo. It’s evident that the spark of their recent nuptials is still aglow.

Margaret Qualley radiated timeless allure donning a white silk dress that featured a graceful high neckline and tasteful ruching at the waist. Her ensemble was complemented by black Chanel flats and a creamy trench coat a perfect match for her glamorous half-up half-down hairstyle.

Meanwhile, Jack Antonoff embraced a fashion-forward statement with his choice of an oversized bluish-gray suit effortlessly paired with navy blue sneakers. The casual elegance spoke volumes about the couple’s unique style synergy.

Their New York City venture followed their dreamy wedding in New Jersey where stars like Taylor Swift Lana Del Rey Channing Tatum Zoë Kravitz and Cara Delevingne congregated to celebrate their love. The couple exchanged vows at Parker’s Garage an event graced by the melodic notes of serenades and heartfelt speeches.

Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley spotted smiling and holding hands after secret wedding.
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During the post-wedding soirée, Taylor Swift took the spotlight with her captivating presence. The 33-year-old “Cruel Summer” crooner shared a hilarious yet affectionate toast in which she lovingly “roasted” the newlyweds. Swift playfully chided Antonoff her frequent collaborator for his apparent lack of gratitude in his speeches a moment of light-hearted jest that resonated with the attendees.

As the celebration moved forward Lana Del Rey graced the stage with her mesmerizing voice serenading the newlyweds for their inaugural dance. The choice of Del Rey’s song “Margaret” added an extra layer of sentiment to the evening. Guests reveled in the joyous atmosphere until the early hours celebrating the couple’s journey into matrimony.

Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley embarked on their romantic journey in 2021. The “Getaway Car” writer seized the perfect moment to ask the significant question in 2022 sealing their affectionate bond. As they step into this new phase of their lives their smiles and shared glances tell a story of love that’s bound to make headlines for years to come.

In the grand tapestry of celebrity love stories, Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley’s union shines like a beacon of hope and happiness. Their journey marked by star-studded events and heartfelt moments promises a future filled with harmony and togetherness. As they continue to explore life as a married couple their joyous escapades are sure to capture the hearts of many.