Kathy Griffin lip tattoo procedure goes awry leaving her lips swollen and bruised.


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In an unexpected turn of events comedian Kathy Griffin recently experienced an unfortunate outcome following a cosmetic procedure that left her lips swollen and bruised. The incident occurred after Kathy Griffin underwent a cosmetic procedure known as “blushing” which involves the application of a semi-permanent tint of color to the lips.

The comedian known for her candidness took to social media to share her journey posting a video on YouTube. In the video, Kathy Griffin can be heard exclaiming her shock at the results saying “I’m f—ked look at me” to her friend Kristen Johnston who can be seen laughing in disbelief. Johnston couldn’t help but inquire about the authenticity of Griffin’s lips to which the actress playfully responded.

The “blushing” procedure took place in early July and Griffin’s lips underwent a transformation that left her fans and friends taken aback. The swelling was notably visible prompting a mix of reactions. Griffin’s husband Randy Bick was also captured on camera expressing his astonishment at the aftermath.

Despite the initial shock, Kathy Griffin remained in high spirits. She later shared images of her lips after the swelling subsided revealing a subtle pink hue that added a touch of glamour to her appearance. Fans flooded the comments section with both amusement and support expressing their relief at her lighthearted approach to the situation.

Some fans playfully compared Griffin’s initial look to that of reality TV star Kylie Jenner noting the striking resemblance. Others light-heartedly joked about temporarily donning a mask until the swelling had completely receded. The general sentiment among her followers was that while the immediate aftermath might have been surprising the final result was well worth the process.

This incident isn’t the first time Kathy Griffin has faced a health-related challenge. In 2021 she underwent surgery to remove part of her lung after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Just four months after the procedure she shared the uplifting news that she was cancer-free.

Kathy Griffin journey toward recovery continued with another surgery this time focusing on her vocal cords. She candidly shared her experiences on platforms like TikTok acknowledging the scratchy nature of her voice post-surgery while maintaining her characteristic sense of humor.