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Jonathan Harris, popularly known as Jonny Harris, is an award-winning Canadian comedian, actor, television producer, event host, and screenwriter. He decided to become an actor early in life and did everything he could to become one. He is very popular in his home country Canada, as his outstanding performances in the films and television shows he has appeared in have won him the hearts of many people.

Jonny has won several awards during his years in the entertainment industry, mainly in Canada. It may not be too long before we see him take the big step to Hollywood – where everyone can live the American dream.

Jonny Harris Biography

Jonny Harris was born on September 22, 1975, the son of the Harris family in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, Canada. Jonny Harris has definitely embedded acting in his DNA, as his father was a young artist at the time of his birth; his mother, on the other hand, was an academic working in a junior high school in Canada. He has three older siblings – all of whom are sisters. Jonny rarely mentions anything about his family, his growing years, or his siblings.

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Jonny began his acting career and training by working for about 5 years at the Rising Tide Theater Festival in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. The very valuable experience he gained here prepared him for the next phase of his life and gave him a secure foundation to advance in his chosen career. He then began to play in both television shows and movies, taking on small roles to grit his teeth in the industry.

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Sometime in 2006, he began appearing as Troy Furey in a television series called Hatching, Matching and Dispatching, and his brilliant performances on the show made Canadian audiences aware of his talent and gave him his first chance at fame and recognition for his work. Jonny is also a comedian and has performed at various comedy shows and events including the Halifax Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Canada’s famous Comedy Festival in Winnipeg, and others; he also appeared on a comedy show called The Debaters on CBC Radio.

Jonny is a multi-talented artist and person who has hosted some very prestigious events. In March 2018, he hosted (along with Emma Hunter) the 6th Canadian Screen Awards, which were broadcast live on television across Canada; this annual award was created to honor the incredible talent that Canadian films, television shows, and other digital media that distribute entertainment content.

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Jonny has starred in films such as “Grown Up Movie Star”, “Young Trifle” and “Moving Day” as well as television shows such as “The Republic of Doyle”, “The Listener” and “Frankie Drake Mysteries” to name a few.

Net Worth

Jonny is currently worth about $1.5 million. He has derived most of his wealth from his acting career in the film and television industry in Canada. He also earns considerable income from his comedy shows and hosts major events. It is predicted that his wealth will continue to grow as he makes the move to Hollywood.

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Is Jonny Harris Married To A Wife Or Is He Gay?

The relationship status of Jonny Harris is a bit interesting and strange. Many celebrities always prefer to shield their private life – including their relationship status and information about their family – from public space, and it is not entirely clear whether Jonny is currently doing so.

He is currently single, and since he is a tall, handsome, rich, and very handsome guy, it is very surprising that a number of ladies have not been/are not associated with him. He has never shared any information about being in a relationship with anyone, and this has fuelled rumors that he might be gay and is not willing to come out as such.

However, sources close to Jonny claim that he has a heterosexual sexual orientation and that he has in fact been secretly dating some ladies, but that he is currently focusing on his career.

There was an unconfirmed rumor that Jonny was dating Georgina Reilly, his co-star on the TV show Murdoch Mysteries. None of them talked about it publicly, so it can only be treated as a rumor.