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Nikita Kahn is an American woman who is famous for many things, both in her career and in her love life. She is a real estate mogul, model, actress, and former executive producer of a television documentary. As for her love life, Nikita Kahn has many eyes on herself as she is dating one of the richest men in the world, who has also been married four times.

Regardless of this, there is much more to know about Kahn – facts and details that you have probably never read/heard about her before. Read on!

Nikita Kahn Bio

According to some reports, Nikita Kahn was born in the Soviet Union sometime in 1991. Her birth name was Iryna Ossipova, but she later changed it to what we know her today. As a small child, Nikita Kahn was inclined towards sports and art. In sports, she started training as a gymnast at the age of 5, and 4 years later, at the age of 9, she started learning ballet.

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There is no record yet of which high school Nikita attended. However, we do know that when it was time for college, she enrolled at a university where she studied and earned a bachelor’s degree in hospitality tourism. She then enrolled at the Kyiv National University of Commerce and Economics where she earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA). Kahn then decided to travel to the United States to continue her studies. Upon arrival in California, she enrolled in a college to study architectural engineering.

After receiving thorough training at school and obtaining the necessary certificates to prove that she was qualified to run a business, Nikita Kahn began her real estate business by founding her own real estate company. The company focuses on home remodeling, giving the classic design, a touch of timeless elegance, and neutral color palettes while creating spaces that are warm, welcoming, and comfortable for people to live in.

In addition to her work in the real estate industry, she has also pursued other interests. Nikita played, in particular, the leading role in the American crime thriller Catch 44 (2011), directed by Aaron Harvey, alongside other actors such as Deborah Ann Woll, Forest Whitaker, and Bruce Willis. A few years later she played a major role as executive producer of the documentary The Last Animals. The documentary featured stories of people who do their utmost to protect the last animals on our planet from poachers and human traffickers.

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Her Family

There were no major reports of Nikita’s family members. The best thing we know is that she was born and raised in the Soviet Union, possibly in Ukraine, before she found her way to America, where she not only struck gold with her career but also enjoys the love and attention of a man that many women can only wish for.

Perhaps one day she will decide to make revelations about who her family members are, and then we can find out if she has any siblings or not.

Facts About Larry Ellison’s Girlfriend

Although Larry Ellison’s net worth of $66 billion suffocates Nikita Kahn’s $25 million, the latter deserves some praise for having succeeded in raising this amount.

  • Relationship with Larry Ellison
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Nikita Kahn has a relationship with the American moneybags, co-founder, managing chairman, and chief technology officer of Oracle Corporation – Larry Ellison. The two have been together since 2010, and every single sign of a flourishing relationship speaks for them.

While this is Nikita’s only known relationship, the same cannot be said for her billionaire partner, who has been married four times. Larry was first married to Adda Quinn in 1967, they divorced 7 years later, and he married Nancy Wheeler Jenkins in 1977, only to divorce her the following year, 1978. He then married Barbara Boothe 5 years later, only to divorce her again in 1986. Next came Melanie Craft, but a divorce in 2010 tore her apart before Nikita Kahn entered Larry’s life.

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You have already learned above that Nikita Kahn has done much to raise awareness of the dangers that animals face, but her advocacy for animals did not stop there.

Nikita Kahn has worked closely with organizations such as the California Wildlife Center, where she is actively involved in raising funds to rescue, protect, and rehabilitate sick, injured, and/or orphaned animals. In the same capacity, she also works with the Peninsula Humane Society and as a board member of the SPCA.

The real estate mogul and actress have donated to the Rhino Rescue Center of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park to support their research.

  • Body Measurements and Features

Nikita stands at a height of 1.67 m (5 feet 6 inches) and weighs about 50 kg (110 lb). Her chest, waist, and hips measure 34-26-35 inches each. She has dark blonde hair that matches her hazel eyes.