Lindsay Arnold Makes Difficult Decision to Leave Dancing With the Stars


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Lindsay Arnold Makes Difficult Decision to Leave Dancing With the Stars: Lindsay Arnold the celebrated professional dancer known for her mesmerizing performances on “Dancing With the Stars” has announced a poignant decision that has left her fans both understanding and supportive.

In a recent emotional declaration shared via TikTok Lindsay Arnold disclosed that she won’t be gracing the ballroom with her presence this season. Her reason? A profound prioritization of her family’s well-being.

In a candid and heartfelt video message, Lindsay Arnold revealed the driving force behind her difficult choice. At 29 she finds herself at a juncture where her responsibilities as a mother take precedence. Raising her two cherished daughters Sage and June alongside her husband Sam Cusick in Utah Lindsay Arnold believes that this phase of her children’s lives is a fleeting and invaluable moment to be treasured.

Hence she has made the conscious decision not to uproot her family and relocate them to Los Angeles for the filming of the show. This is a move that embodies her commitment to being a present and devoted mother unwilling to miss even a single precious moment.

Lindsay’s association with “Dancing With the Stars” has been a remarkable journey spanning almost 11 years. She initially entered as a pro dancer in Season 16 back in 2013. After a brief stint as a troupe member, she returned as a pro and achieved the pinnacle of success by winning the coveted mirrorball trophy with partner Jordan Fisher in 2017.

Her final appearance on the show was in Season 30 where she partnered with Matt James in 2021. While acknowledging the tremendous memories she’s created on the show Lindsay Arnold maintains that life is a collection of seasons each with its own purpose. She fondly reminisces about her remarkable run on the show filled with passion and dance spanning over a decade.

Though she won’t be gracing the dance floor this season Lindsay’s journey is far from over. She expresses profound gratitude for the flexibility her career offers enabling her to accomplish nearly 90% of her professional commitments remotely. This advantage allows her to strike a balance between pursuing her passions and nurturing her role as a mother.

As Lindsay Arnold steps away from the spotlight of “Dancing With the Stars” her profound decision serves as a testament to the power of family and the unwavering determination to prioritize what truly matters. In an industry where glitz and glamour often take center stage Lindsay’s exit reminds us all of the significance of cherishing life’s irreplaceable moments with our loved ones.