Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson in ‘denial’ after child walks in on them having sex


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Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson in ‘denial’ after child walks in on them having sex: In a candid revelation, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson find themselves in an awkward situation as one of their children accidentally stumbled upon them during an intimate moment. The celebrity couple known for their openness disclosed this incident in an interview with “Access Hollywood” recently.

Addressing the incident Simpson shared that their older kids are at an age where such encounters become inevitable. The actress aged 43 admitted that dealing with this aspect of parenting had not been a conversation they had dwelled upon. “It’s like wow they’re gonna walk in on hanky panky time. So what do we do how do we do this? Where do we go?” she pondered. While Jessica Simpson chose not to reveal which child had the unexpected encounter she candidly admitted to having a more friend-like relationship with her 11-year-old daughter Maxwell.

Jessica Simpson further emphasized the couple’s efforts to maintain their romance despite the challenges of parenthood. Married since 2014 she spoke about Eric Johnson’s gestures of leaving her little notes nurturing the emotional connection between them. “There’s a lot of things that make me like ‘I can’t wait to get my hands on him later’” Jessica Simpson playfully revealed highlighting the importance of keeping intimacy alive in their relationship.

This is not the first time Jessica Simpson has playfully shared insights into her relationship with Eric Johnson. In earlier interviews, she referred to him as her “sexual shaman” emphasizing the spiritual connection they share. In their journey together they’ve often used humor to discuss their private life even joking about their endeavors to expand their family. Simpson’s honesty about her experiences and thoughts has resonated with fans over the years.

The couple’s family expanded with the birth of their daughter Birdie making them a family of five. However, Simpson’s challenging pregnancy experience has led her to firmly decide against having another child. In a candid interview, she expressed “I have no baby fever… I can’t do that again.” This statement underscores her commitment to her current family dynamics.

In an age where celebrities often present a curated image Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson stand out for their candidness about the trials and tribulations of parenthood and marriage. This incident though awkward serves as a reminder that even amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry genuine and relatable moments can arise creating a bond with their audience that goes beyond the spotlight.