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Marshall Trenkmann is a handsome and successful banker whose marriage to the popular Mexican actress Karla Souza is one of the reasons for his rise to prominence. Trenkmann holds a master’s degree from A&M University Texas and has worked for some of the country’s leading investment houses. Most recently, he served as Director of Credit Risk at an investment banking firm (JP Morgan) and is happily married to Karla, with whom he has a daughter. Here is more about his life before he became prominent.

Marshall Trenkmann Biography

The successful investment banker was born in the United States of America. Although he is married to someone who is constantly in the public eye, Marshall has managed to keep his exact date of birth, family background, and details of his upbringing out of the public eye. Although he is very supportive of his wife’s career and often appears with her at public events, he has managed to remain a very private person.

Most of Marshall Trenkmann’s education took place in Texas, where he was born and raised. Details of the first schools he attended are not available, but he attended A&M University in Texas, where he received his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. He also took courses in Spanish and Latin American Studies after falling in love with the culture and language.

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After graduating, he decided to pursue a career in the business world. His first position was at CIB LATAM, where he worked as the head of the credit team in Mexico. He soon got another position in Texas and returned home to work with the credit team of CIB Oil and Gas in Houston. After marrying his famous wife, Marshall finally settled down to build his family in Los Angeles, California. He began working as a director (Crédit Risk) at JP Morgan, an investment company.

Due to the amount of experience he gained over the years, he was given the responsibility of managing the diversified portfolio of CCB West. The productive businessman is also one of the board members of the “Center Theatre Group”, a feat he accomplished in December 2016.

Marshall Trenkmann met the beautiful actress (Karla Souza) in Mexico at the party of a mutual friend and stayed together for several years. Karla admits that she knew from the first moment that she would marry the handsome banker. Marshall proposed to her in November 2013 with a specially designed ring, and they were married in an intimate ceremony in the presence of family members and close friends that took place in Tequesquitengo in May 2014.

Karla reveals that she wanted to marry a man of faith, who has values, integrity, and a lover of sports, and she is glad that all these qualities are present in Marshall. In April 2018, the couple welcomed their first child together, Gianna Trenkmann. Karla managed to keep the news of her pregnancy under wraps, but then shared a picture of her cute bundle of joy on her social media page.

Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Marshall Trenkmann

1. Devotion to his Wife

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Karla talks openly about how much her husband supports her dreams and how he shares in her successes, wins, and failures. In addition, Karla’s big breakthrough came in the television series How to get away with murder television series shortly after her marriage. Her husband’s helpful nature has helped her to many successes in her career. No wonder she calls him her best friend. She testified that Marshall continues to show how important she is to him by dropping short sweet notes in her purse.

2. Film Production

Karla recently revealed in an interview that she plans to produce a film with Marshall Trenkmann. She admits that the story is something they both love and look forward to doing. It seems that the plans are already in motion.

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3. Religion

Marshall is a dedicated Christian and takes his faith and relationship with God very seriously. His wife has repeatedly called him a man of faith.

4. Social Media

Trenkmann has no social media account. Insights into her life and her family can be seen on Karla’s social media account. She has over 3.7 million followers on Instagram and about 589,000 on Twitter. However, Marshall often appears next to his wife on important occasions but has refused to get involved in the frenzy of social media.

5. Marshall Trenkmann Net Worth

Given the number of years Marshall Trenkmann has spent in this job and his wealth of experience, it should come as no surprise that he has considerable earning power. His current net worth is estimated at approximately $7 million. There are also rumors that the couple shares some stores (cosmetic brands and some restaurants). They currently lead a wasteful life in Los Angeles, California.