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When you talk about the longest-serving senator in Kentucky’s history, no one else but Mitch McConnell comes to mind. He is the majority leader in the Senate and the second person from Kentucky to lead his party in the Senate. He is a senior U.S. Senator and member of the Republican Party who first entered the Senate in 1984 and has been re-elected five times since then. Mitch is a former chairman of the National Republican Senate Committee and was first elected as a Majority Whip during the 108th Congress and later re-elected. He then became a minority leader in the Senate until his party took control of the Senate, which in turn made him the majority leader in the Senate.

Mitch McConnell Bio

Mitch was born on February 20, 1942, as Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr., the son of parents of Scottish-Irish and English descent. He was born in Sheffield, Alabama, and grew up in Athens. At a young age, Mitch contracted polio, which cost his parents a fortune when they tried to treat him. Eventually, he conquered the disease and narrowly avoided being disabled for the rest of his life. He attended DuPont Manual High School and graduated from the University of Louisville in 1964 with a B.A. in Political Science with honors.

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Mitch became president of the Student Council of the College of Arts and Sciences and studied law at the University of Kentucky, where he also became president of the Student Bar Association. Mitch McConnell was also inducted into the U.S. Army Reserve, but after several weeks of military training, he was honorably discharged on medical grounds.

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Political Career

Mitch McConnell became an intern for Senator John Sherman Cooper in 1964 and also assisted Senator Marlow Cook. Under President Gerald R. Ford, he rose to the position of Deputy Assistant Attorney General. He was elected Jefferson County Judge and Executive and was re-elected in 1981. In 1984 Mitch began running for the U.S. Senate against Democratic incumbent Walter Dee Huddleston, who was running for the second time at that time.

Fortunately, McConnell won the election by only a narrow margin of 0.4 percent, making him the only Republican Senate challenger to win an election that year. His success was partly attributed to his effective series of television campaign programs. The 1990 elections came with a tough confrontation with a former mayor, whom he defeated by 4.4 percent. In 1996, he defeated Steve Beshear again by 12.6% with his witty but effective television campaign programs.

In 2002, he was re-elected and won again against Lois Combs Weinberg with 29.4%, making him the Republican candidate with the largest majority in Kentucky history. Although the 2008 elections were tough for McConnell, he managed to defeat Bruce Lunsford by a 6% margin. In 2014 he defeated his opponent by 56.2% to 40.7%, giving him a 15.5% lead.

For a senator originally known for his pragmatism and moderate ideas, he has become more liberal and progressive. Undoubtedly, he is an accomplished and accomplished senator who by 2018 had become the longest-serving senator in Kentucky’s history.

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Mitch McConnell Net Worth

McConnell is a member of the selection committee for the Jefferson Awards for Public Service. He also founded the James Madison Center for Free Speech in Washington, D.C. for legal defense. On March 1, 2013, he was inducted into the Sons of the American Revolution. Moreso, “The OpenSecrets” website ranked Mitch McConnell as one of the wealthiest members of the U.S. Senate, whose finances increased after his father-in-law gave him a gift of $5 to $25 million. His net worth is currently estimated at a whopping $22.5 million.

Mitch McConnell Family – Wife, and Children

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Mitch McConnell married Sherrill Redmon in 1968 and both had three beautiful daughters named Elly, Claire, and Porter. However, the couple separated in 1980. In 1993 he met and married Elaine Chao, who was formerly Secretary of Labor and worked under the George W. Bush administration. In November 2016, President Donald Trump appointed Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation. This appointment was later confirmed by the Senate in January 2017.

Is He Gay?

Mitch McConnell is not a gay man, and he is not anti-gay like most of his party members. However, his opinion on gay rights and his unwillingness to use them as a political issue during his campaigns has led to extensive speculation that he is gay. However, after further investigation and in addition to the fact that he was married to a second woman after his divorce, it can be assumed that he is indeed a heterosexual man.