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There is no doubt that the experienced cyclist of the Bora Hansgrohe team Peter Sagan will go down in history as one of the legends of cycling. The Slovak-born cyclist is a three-time winner of the UCI World Championship. After winning the prestigious Maillot-Vert Points jersey at his debut in the 2012 Tour de France, he was an impressive force for his rivals until 2016, when he lost to a rival, winning the jersey every year.

The up-and-coming professional began experimenting with the bicycle at the tender age of nine when he became part of a small local club in his hometown known as Cyklistický spolok Žilina. Peter Sagan rode both road and mountain bikes in his early years and attracted attention with his unusual riding style, riding in T-shirts and tennis shoes, feeding on ordinary water. The young rider gained national recognition when he won his country’s first junior championship, and as a result of his performance, he was recognized by the international community, so his professional career began with a lucrative contract.

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The “Terminator”, as he was called, proved his abilities by completing several remarkable sprints and climbs with finishes that earned him more points than any other cyclist. Peter continued his phenomenal rise to the top of his career, beating older hands that we’re stronger and more experienced to maintain his enviable position at the top of the points ladder.

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The rider’s unique style, which gives him an advantage over his rivals both in terms of power challenge and speed, has attracted the attention of fans and critics alike. Hard work, dedication, and innate natural abilities have put Peter Sagan on the right track, and he is likely to remain a dominant figure in the world of cycling for many years to come.

Family: Brother, Parents

Peter Sagan is the youngest member of the Sagan family, but nevertheless, sources have reported that his parents Helen and Lubomír Sagan did not have much time for young Peter, as they spent much of their time looking after the small grocery store that they opened in town. As a result, Peter was raised by his older sister Danka, who later worked with him to open a hair salon in the city, where he still cuts his hair today.

The Slovakian citizen also has an older brother named Jurai Sagan, who is a remarkable professional cyclist and also a member of the Bora Hansgrohe team. Peter is said to have got the inspiration for his cycling career from his older brother when he was barely nine years old. In 2007, Peter won the Slovak Cup competition with a bicycle borrowed from his big sister Danka.

The following year, in 2008, the rising star won the Junior World Championship in mountain biking, and the same year he was knocked out in first place at the Junior World Championships Paris-Roubaix and Cyclocross of juniors.

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Peter Sagan Wife, Divorce

An investigation into the relationship status of professional cyclists revealed that he had entered into a single marriage with his long-term girlfriend Katarína Smolková. Their wedding ceremony took place on November 11, 2015, in Slovak. The couple lived in Monaco, where they welcomed their first child, a beautiful little boy named Marlon, on October 25, 2017.

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Unfortunately, the couple’s marriage broke up because, on July 18, 2018, Peter Sagan announced that they had decided to separate and that a divorce is possible in the near future.

Katarína Smolková took part in the Miss Universe beauty contest of the Slovak Republic in 2007 when she was still a teenager, without any modeling experience, and made it into the top twelve. She has expertise in fundraising and teaching, public speaking, event planning, customer service, and event management.

She is a fitness freak and polyglot and speaks five languages: German, Czech, Slovak, English, and French. Part of Katarina’s wealth of knowledge is her work experience as a coordinator for optimization projects at DHL IT Services Prague from 2010 to July 2011, and she also spent some time as a customer service consultant at ANZ E*TRADE Australia.

Peter Sagan Height, Weight

Peter Sagan is a tall man and has a healthy height of 1.84 m. His weight, which can be said to correspond to his height, is measured at 78 kg.