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Simone Alexandra Johnson is a model and the eldest daughter of Dywane Johnson; father, the famous wrestler known as the Rock, who moved into the film industry in 1999, and Dany Garcia; mother, film producer, talent manager, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

Simone Alexandra Johnson Wiki, Age 

Simone was born in Davie, Florida, USA, on August 14, 2001, but it wasn’t long before her parents Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia divorced in 2008 after 10 years together.

She has tried to keep her profile low, even though she is the daughter of a wrestler and movie star, and the only means she uses to get to the world about herself are social media platforms, especially her Instagram site, which has over 189,000 followers. Her captions on most of her pictures tell how amazingly she has shaped herself into a strong woman. Moreover, her father once wrote a post on his Instagram page about how he believes women are strong as hell.

Dwyane Johnson is not the only wrestler in Simone’s pedigree, her grandfather and great-grandfather are wrestlers, and they all derived their stage name from the word “rock”.

Simone Alexandra Johnson Wiki, Height, Age, Relationship With Dwayne Johnson
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Simone welcomed her little sister Jasmine Johnson with her stepmother Lauren Hashiann, Jasmine was born on December 16, 2015.

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Simone Alexandra Johnson’s Height and Body Stats

As a typical American, Simone has golden brown eyes and dark hair; she is 1.80 m tall and modeled for IMG models. On November 15, 2017, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association named Simone Alexandra Johnson as Golden Globe Ambassador for the 75th Golden Globe Awards. The newly renamed ambassadorial position was previously called “Miss Golden Globe”. Her main function is to present awards and accompany presenters on and off stage, as well as to present some awards herself.

Dwyane Johnson once publicly announced that he had not yet approved a date with Simone, and he boldly said in his own words that he would strangle anyone who came around her with that intention. However, Simone, for her part, has fully concentrated and studied for her career without having time for sideshows, although she has many followers on social media platforms.

In an interview, Simone noted that she intends to study economics at college and start a career in sports entertainment, after which she would like to move into talent management like her parents, which obviously shows how much she looks up to her parents as role models.

Simone Alexandra’s Relationship with Dwayne Johnson

Most people thought that Dwayne Johnson’s bond with his daughter Simone was shaky when his divorce from her mother was finalized, but the bond only grew stronger and she is often seen as her father’s alibi. It has also been said that Simone can be hilarious because she even uses the father’s lines with him, “you can smell what the stone is boiling”.

 Simone Alexandra Johnson Wiki, Height, Age, Relationship With Dwayne Johnson
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The arbitrary statement that girls are closer to their fathers than to their mothers is expressively depicted in Simone’s life. Dwyane Johnson has shown affection for his daughter, Simone, not only in private but also in public.

He was his daughter’s inspiration and role model because she really wants to follow in his footsteps as she grows older. She has also been interested in becoming a superstar of the WWE in the near future. When she finally fulfills this dream, she would be the fourth generation in her line to join the wrestling world.

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Dwayne Johnson Daddy Duties

Dwyane Johnson has proven in many ways that he is a great and outstanding sire to his daughters and he never fails to show how proud he is of them. He had Simone follow him to all his super-duper events and functions. At the age of 15, Simone walked the red carpet surprisingly often while her father proudly showed her off. One of the trend news stories that Hollywood 2017 announced about Simone came from the People’s Choice Award 2017, where Simone turned her head on the red carpet in an elegant black dress, and her father Johnson gave her a soft, amazing kiss on the cheek before accepting his award.

It is quite beautiful how Simone did not waste the opportunities offered by her parents to model her into an amazing young woman. Considering the rumor that her father Johnson plans to run for election in 2020, we would expect an amazing first daughter.