Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey call cheating rumors ‘foolishness and lies.


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Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey call cheating rumors ‘foolishness and lies: Renowned TV host Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey have firmly quashed the swirling rumors suggesting Marjorie’s involvement with his staffers.

The power couple exhibited their unshakable unity during an appearance at Invest Fest where Steve Harvey confidently addressed the matter. “Before we delve into anything I want to assure everyone that we are in a great place” asserted the 66-year-old host of “Family Feud.” He encouraged the naysayers to channel their energy elsewhere and emphasized “We’re not letting these rumors cloud our shine.”

Marjorie Harvey aged 58 echoed her husband’s sentiments through a poignant Instagram post. Quoting a Bible verse on dealing with false accusations she expressed her and Steve’s usual stance on such matters stating “We usually don’t dignify lies and absurdities with a response.”

However, the couple recognized their influential platform’s responsibility and chose to address the issue with grace. “To whom much is given much is expected,” Marjorie Harvey wrote. Her post also contained a heartfelt message of empowerment urging readers to find strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

The rumors first caught fire on Twitter ignited by a post from YouTuber Daniel Keem. In his tweet, Keem claimed that Steve Harvey’s wife had engaged in infidelity with both her bodyguard and personal chef. The tweet quickly circulated causing widespread curiosity and concern. Keem even shared an old video of Steve Harvey passionately expressing his love for Marjorie Harvey humorously asserting he’d “take out” anyone who posed a threat to their relationship.

In response, Twitter appended a community note under Keem’s tweet cautioning readers about the unverified nature of the claims. The note highlighted the lack of supporting evidence and credible sources. As the platform navigated the delicate balance between free expression and responsible reporting it urged users to approach the issue with skepticism until solid confirmation emerged.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey’s enduring bond began in 1990 when they crossed paths at a comedy club and embarked on a brief romance. However, their paths diverged only to reconverge years later culminating in their wedding in 2007.

Their love story is a testament to resilience as they each brought their own families into the union. Steve Harvey a father of four from previous marriages officially embraced Marjorie’s three children as his own solidifying their role as a blended family.

In a world where rumors and sensationalism often overshadow genuine connection, Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey steadfastness shines as a beacon of hope. As they quell the storm of gossip with love and togetherness their example reminds us all that the strength of a relationship lies in the unwavering bond between two people who choose each other despite the noise of the world.