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You may know only too well the late Erin Moran, the actress who became famous with her role as Joanie Cunningham (the freckled troublemaker and sister of Richie Cunningham) in the American sitcom Happy Days and its offshoot Joanie Loves Chachi. But maybe you don’t know in detail and with facts who her husband Steven Fleischmann is, except that he deeply mourned the loss of his wife.

Fleischmann is not as popular as his wife was when she was alive or even now that she is late, but since Erin was happiest with him at his side before her death, it deserves to know everything about the man who, despite the difficulties that threatened her marriage, stayed with the late actress for 25 years.

Steven Fleischmann Bio

Available reports indicate that Steven Fleischmann was born on June 23, 1967, the son of Donna Woods (mother). There is no information about who his father is or whether he has siblings or not. Similarly, no information has been provided about Steven’s childhood life, what school he attended, or what his interests were during his childhood.

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Since his life story revolved very much around the late actress, let us tell you a few things about how they came together and their sad separation.

Before Steven Fleischmann, Erin was married to a certain man named Rocky Ferguson in 1987. During their marriage, Rocky Ferguson did not want her to publicly identify with her fame on screen. Whenever they went out and someone recognized her as an actress, he wanted her to say that she wasn’t the one, the person should come and ask. With these and some other differences, the marriage between the duo came to a standstill in 1993.

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Later that year, Erin and Steven were married on November 23rd, after meeting the year before. Their marriage endured so many difficulties, but they stayed together. Erin put up with alcohol, drug abuse, and hard parties, which eventually depleted the money she was making at that time in her career. Even after the money was used up, the addiction did not go away but continued to pull her away from the successes she had had in her career. The couple lost their California home in 2010 due to a foreclosure that forced them to live with Steve’s mother – Donna May Woods in her trailer in New Salisbury, Indiana.

However, Donna soon developed an aversion to Erin and her crazy lifestyle. She threw her out of her home. They then lived from motel to motel before getting a trailer in a park. The couple lived in this trailer until Erin died. According to some reports, Steven Fleischmann returned to live with his mother again.

5 Other Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Them

1. Steven Fleischmann Career

The only information about Steven Fleischmann’s career out there is that he used to work at Wal-Mart. However, after his relationship/wedding with Erin, it appeared that he no longer worked there. The reason for this assumption is based on the fact that Erin, in an argument the couple had in a bar, suggested that she was the family’s breadwinner.

2. Wife/Children

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Before their marriage on November 23, 1992, the couple had already met for the first time on April 22, 1992. After that, they started a relationship that led to their marriage. During their marriage, however, Erin did not have a child with Fleischmann. Nor is it known of Steven that he had a child in the past or after the death of his wife.

3. Divorce Rumors

In 2013, there was a rumor that Steven Fleischmann and Erin Moran were going to separate due to the difficulties the couple was going through and the resulting strain on their individual and collective lives. Contrary to expectations at the time, they remained together until the actress’s death in 2017.

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4. Steven Fleischmann Net Worth

Steven Fleischmann’s work at Wal-Mart made him neither then nor now the richest man. Connected to this are the financial difficulties he went through with Erin. All these possibly exhausted any amount of money he had for himself and made it difficult to calculate his net worth. However, if things went well with Erin, she had a net worth estimated at about $500,000.

5. Their First and Last Meeting (Erin Moran’s Death)

As mentioned above, Steven Fleischmann and Erin Moran first met on April 22, 1992, and twenty-five years later, on the same day (April 22, 2017), Erin Moran passed away.

Her health problems were first noticed in November when she woke up and saw a bloodstain on her pillow the size of a dime. She thought she probably bit her tongue and dismissed it as nothing. A few days passed and the bloodstain appeared again, this time even bigger. This continued into December 2016, and it was then that Steven discovered that it was not her tongue bite but rather her tonsils.

They sought medical help and their case was described as squamous cell carcinoma (a type of cancer caused by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal squamous cells). Erin immediately started radiation and chemotherapy, but cancer got worse. In mid-February 2017, she soon lost her ability to speak, eat, and even drink, and despite all these circumstances, she remained cheerful. She woke up well on April 22, 2007, but died in her sleep that night, while Steven Fleischmann held her hands and also slept.