Tom Sandoval Attempts to De-escalate Situation After Man Throws Drink at Security Guard


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In a stunning turn of events Tom Sandoval renowned from “Vanderpump Rules” found himself in the midst of chaos as he attempted to de-escalate a dramatic situation involving a rogue party guest. The night took a dramatic turn when an unidentified individual threw a drink at a security guard during a formal event. Sandoval never one to back down leaped into action to restore order.

The incident captured on TikTok and posted last Friday unfolded as the unruly guest hurled his drink toward Tom Sandoval and the vigilant security guard. Showing remarkable courage Sandoval swiftly charged towards the troublemaker his hands raised in an attempt to defuse the escalating tension.

In a surprising twist, the bar owner even tried to wrest the chair from the man’s grip. The situation was undoubtedly tense but Sandoval’s quick response showcased his determination to maintain peace and order.

While the extent of Sandoval’s involvement in the altercation remains unclear security personnel wasted no time in subduing the unruly patron. At one point they resorted to physically restraining him even gripping his throat. All the while Tom Sandoval dressed in a stylish tuxedo stood amidst the chaos visibly flustered but unwavering.

Despite initial assumptions that the drink had been aimed at Tom Sandoval the TikTok video’s original poster later clarified the sequence of events. TikTok user Megan Plays stated in a separate post on Saturday “I don’t think Sandoval was initially involved in the fight that’s not what it seemed like. I think that guy just wanted to be on TV.”

Tom Sandoval Attempts to De-escalate Situation After Man Throws Drink at Security Guard

According to her account, the trouble began when the man picked up a vase of flowers and hurled it at the security guard. In an attempt to evade further consequences, he then grabbed a glass of wine and prepared to launch it prompting Sandoval’s intervention.

Following the incident the “VPR” cast who were filming for Season 11 at the venue made a swift exit with other guests following suit. The TikTok user couldn’t confirm if any further altercations occurred in the parking lot after the cast’s departure.

This incident adds to the growing drama surrounding the “VPR” cast as they resume filming for Season 11 of the hit Bravo show. Just last month they were embroiled in a scandal involving Tom Sandoval his then-girlfriend Ariana Madix and Raquel Leviss. The tension reached a boiling point as “VPR” star Scheana Shay berated Tom Sandoval outside SUR in West Hollywood with parts of the confrontation captured on camera.

Notably absent from the upcoming season will be Raquel Leviss who chose not to return following her involvement with Tom Sandoval. The show’s fans eagerly await its next installment wondering if the drink-slinging incident will make it to the screen when Season 11 airs next year.

In a night filled with unexpected twists and turns Tom Sandoval’s act of bravery serves as a reminder that even amidst chaos heroes can emerge to restore order and ensure that the show goes on.