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Arif Cooper Wife: Was DJ Married? Family And net Worth Before Death: Arif Cooper a well-known Jamaican DJ died on March 5, 2023. People have wondered if the late artist was married and had children.

The Jamaican singer perished after collapsing unexpectedly at the Recall Throwback Edition concert. Cooper was one of many DJs scheduled for the event which took place on Hope Road at the Police Officers’ Club.

DJ’s untimely death has saddened Jamaica’s complete music industry. Furthermore, there has been a surge in curiosity in his personal life.

Fresh Ear Production (AMC Music Ltd.) CEO was a proud father of a girl. But who is his wife?

Arif Cooper’s Wife: Was DJ Married?

Arif Cooper was married to Simone Clarke another television personality. However, the couple formally divorced in the late 2010s.

The late Deejay and his ex-wife had a daughter Aaryn Cooper during their marriage. The late musician’s baby girl’s birth details have not been disclosed. Arif Cooper’s daughter on the other hand looks to be 10 or 9 years old.

Despite the fact that the couple has been separated for a few years Simon still goes by her ex-surname husband Arif Cooper because the public knows her by that name.

Simon Clarke-Cooper was born to impoverish Jamaican parents as Simon Nichola Clarke. Arif Cooper’s ex-wife has an older sibling and two younger brothers with whom she grew up. His father was a minister and his mother was a missionary.

The former couple’s marriage details have not been disclosed. However, it appeared that they had been married for more than five years. The former pair must have had a great time as a married couple.

Arif Cooper Family – Comes From A Family Of Musician

Arif Cooper grew up in a musical household as his father Michael “Ibo” Cooper (Third World band) was a prominent musician and music educator in Jamaica.

His father was the one who first exposed him to music when he was a child. Arif took piano lessons from a renowned music teacher. Ibo Cooper also introduced his boy to a large record collection exposing him to legends such as Bob Marley Bruce Springsteen Stevie Wonder and Sting.

Arif became a DJ in 1991 and was widely acknowledged as one of Jamaica’s top musicians both at home and abroad. He founded the Fresh Ear Production Company in 1997. He started working for the RJRGLEANER Communications Group’s FAME FM in 1998 and stayed until his demise.

Cooper created many well-known rhythms including the Guardian Angel New Money and Happy Step riddims and has made major contributions to Jamaican music and culture.

Several dancehall artists including Vybz Kartel Konshens Baby Cham Alaine Demarco and Aidonia owe their careers to the late musician.

In addition until his death, the late musician served as a broadcaster/radio disc jockey at FAME FM.

Arif Cooper’s Net Worth Before Death

Arif Cooper worked in the music business for 32 years. Throughout his long tenure, he achieved enormous fame. As a successful musician, he must have amassed a sizable wealth.

According to SalaryExpert a Disk, Jockey makes $1585524 (JMD) per year. Mr. Cooper must have made something in that ballpark as well.

Arif was also the CEO of a producing company a radio broadcaster for the RJR Communication Group i.e. FAME FM and an event promoter in addition to being a DJ. Despite the fact that his time on Earth was cut short he must have had an amazing career.