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Brandon Boyd is a musician, visual artist, songwriter, and author. His works on visual art and book writing are not what he is famous for, rather his musical and songwriting skills are at the heart of his celebrity status. Boyd was the frontman of the rock band Incubus. Born on February 15, 1976, in Van Nuys and raised in Calabasas, California, Brandon Charles Boyd’s parents supported his early musical ambitions. One reason why his parents – Charles Boyd and Priscilla Wiseman – supported his obvious talents so much as a toddler was that they were no strangers to the entertainment industry themselves.

The family had connections in the industry, as his younger brother Jason Boyd was the former frontman of the Audiovent music band, and his cousin Berto Boyd was also a musician who played the flamenco guitar perfectly and was also a talented music composer. Music talent was not only enough for the family, because there was someone on the athletic side of things, and that was his cousin Sam Boyd, who was a professional motocross rider. Brandon has another brother – Darren Boyd.

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Apart from his family, another strong influence Boyd had during his childhood was his friendship with Ricky Taylor, which also inspired him in a musical sense. He went to his academics, attended Calabasas High School, and graduated in 1994. While still in high school, Boyd and two of his friends (Jose Pasillas, who played drums, and Mike the only one who played lead guitar) formed the rock band Incubus in 1991. After high school, he enrolled at Moorpark College for college but dropped out after his sophomore year to concentrate on his music, as he was heavily involved in his band Incubus at the time.

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Brandon Boyd’s Music Career With Incubus

The Incubus had additional members, which turned them from a three-man band into a five-man rock band. Boyd, Pasillas, and only one later joined bassist Alex Katunich and Gavin Koppell (a DJ whose stage mane can be seen in DJ Lyfe). They organized concerts and live shows where they had their first performances, and Boyd’s artistic talent was already exposed when he himself designed the advertising leaflets for the concerts. He also had the ability to incorporate rare instrumental pieces into the group’s music.

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Their first album, entitled Fungus Amongus, was released in 1995, and it went unnoticed. Their second release – S.C.I.E.N.C.C.E. (1997) – was to suffer the same fate as the first one. DJ Chris Kilmore replaced DJ Lyfe in the band, and it was as if he (DJ Kilmore) gave the band some glamour when their next gig in 1999 brought them their big breakthrough. Their third attempt (album) Make Yourself was a commercial success and the music industry became aware of them. This seemed to have opened a door for them, and their subsequent releases (Morning View (2001) and A Crow Left of the Murder… (2004)) continued to impress the charts.

In 2006, Incubus released their sixth studio album, Light Grenades, which peaked at #1, and as if they weren’t finished yet, they released their first greatest hits album, Monuments, and Melodies, in 2009. Other Incubus albums include If Not Now, When? (2011), Trust Fall – Side A (2015) and 8 (2017). The multi-platinum winning band, which has sold over 23 million albums worldwide, was nominated for a Grammy in 2005.

Other Endeavors

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Brandon Boyd is currently on a musical break and had refocused his energy on his visual arts. He has written several beautiful texts with his music groups and is now channeling this creativity into painting. His first art exhibition took place in 2008 at Mr. Musichead Gallery in Los Angeles, California, where he presented his various works of art. The exhibition was entitled “Ectoplasm”.

Boyd has also published three books as an author. He published his first piece entitled White Fluffy Clouds: Found Inspiration Moving Forward in 2003 under Endophasia Publications. Others include From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss (2007) and So The Echo (2013).

Is Brandon Boyd Married? Girlfriend, Daughter, Wife

Boyd attracts many female fans with his style. Although he was a hard rock artist, he has a way of captivating the ladies with his movement and appearance. His fans, especially the girls, screamed their heads off to get a glimpse of his naked torso – a wish he always fulfills. He was voted one of the “hottest guys in music” by Teen People and Spin Magazine called him “MTV’s latest weapon of mass heart failure”.

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We are sure that Brandon Boyd is not married yet, but he has had a number of romantic relationships. His longest relationship was with supermodel Carolyn Murphy, with whom he dated from 2002 to 2006. Murphy lived with him together with her daughter Dylan Blue, who she had from her failed marriage. His other relationships include Jo Bourne-Taylor (1999 – 2000), Lisa Snowdon, Jessica Miller, and Vanessa Marra. Boyd is reportedly dating the famous American actress Baelyn Neff since 2008.

Other Facts About Brandon Boyd

Brandon Boyd started a solo career in 2010 and debuted with the album The Wild Trapeze.

He also formed another music band in 2013 – Sons of the Sea – and they went on a music tour in 2013 and 2014.

Boyd’s net worth is estimated at $15 million, his birth sign or horoscope is Aquarius, and his height is 191 cm (6 feet 3 inches).