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The child prodigy Jackie Evancho has strongly proven that she has a voice far beyond her years. The classic crossover singer took the music industry by storm at the age of 10 when she finished second in the 5th season of America’s Got Talent. In just a short time, Evancho has set many musical records. She is the youngest solo artist to go platinum in the United States and the youngest top 5 debutants in the history of the UK.

She appeared on the political radar in 2017 when she was granted the honor by the President to perform the US National Anthem at the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20 of the same year. Her first encounter with Trump took place in 2011 when the billionaire invited her to perform at Mar-A-Lago, his estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Who is Jackie Evancho?

Jackie was born Jacqueline Marie Evancho on April 9, 2000, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she was raised Catholic by her parents Lisa and Michael Evancho. She attended Pine-Richland High School but later received her education online. Jackie began singing at a very early age and had a special liking for classical crossovers. She started participating in talent contests shortly before she turned 8 years old.

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Later, in 2009, her mature voice caught the attention of record producer David Foster, who chose her to sing at his concert in Newark, New Jersey. In late 2009, Evancho independently released her first record, “Prelude to a Dream,” which consisted of covers of classic crossover hits.

She then launched a YouTube channel and began to gain considerable traction. Thanks to the votes of her fans, Evancho would book a spot on the fifth version of AGT after two previous unsuccessful attempts. She became the runner-up of the show and signed a record deal with SYCO Music and Columbia Records.

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After AGT, Jackie Evancho continued to consolidate her fame, starting with her first EP O Holy Night, which topped the Billboard charts for classical albums and made it to #2 on the Billboard 200, making her the best-selling debut artist of the year.

Evancho then went on to reach #1 on the classical album charts with 7 consecutive releases. She continues to make music and occasionally performs as an actress.

What is Her Net Worth?

Jackie Evancho has had such tremendous success in her career that the future could only be rosier. The greater contribution to her wealth is still her music career, but occasional appearances as an actress and sponsorship contracts help to increase her musical income. Some of her sponsorship partners have included Justice Girls Clothing and GUESS Kids. Her success put her on the radar of Forbes, who invited her to their music class 30 under 30 in 2018. Her net worth was estimated at $4 million.

Who Is Jackie Evancho’s Sister?

Jackie Evancho has a younger sister named Rachel Evancho, but it is her older transsexual sister Juliet Evancho (pictured), born as a boy named Jacob Evancho, who has received more media attention. Juliet Evancho was born in 1998, making her two years older than Jackie. They grew up together with her other siblings Rachel and Zachary, who is now the only son in the Evancho family.

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As a boy (Jacob), Juliet struggled with her gender identity and decided to join the transgender movement at the age of 17. In her interview with Teen Vogue, Jackie’s sister told how she gathered the family for a pool party and announced her transition from boy to girl. According to her, her father Michael, who had named her after his middle name, took the news worst of all.

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Before the big announcement, Juliet struggled with depression and had to see a therapist for two years. Jackie and other members of the Evancho family have since been very supportive of Juliet. After her performance at the inauguration of Trump in January 2017, she released a record of three songs, the proceeds of which were donated to LGBT charities to support her sister.

Jackie’s decision to perform at the inauguration despite Trump’s views on gay rights caused much controversy. However, Jackie explained that her decision was completely apolitical. Juliet also jumped on her sister’s defense and said she was singing for her country and not for Trump.

When Juliet was not present at the inauguration, many speculated that this was a kind of protest against Trump’s views on gay rights, but TMZ later made it clear that she had failed to support her sister on the big day because she had to undergo a sex-change operation. Juliet lobbied for federal law to allow transsexuals to use toilets designed for the sex they identify with and was supported by her father Michael.