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The most popular players in the NBA are getting old, and soon the names will be on everyone’s lips who are currently young and unknown in this sport. One of these players is Okaro White, an American professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) who first came to prominence when he played college basketball for the state of Florida.

Who is Okaro White?

Okaro White was born on August 13, 1992, in Brooklyn, New York. The basketball player is the youngest of three children. The sporting genes run in his family; his mother, Charmaine White, previously ran for the Jamaican national track and field team.

The athlete has devoted his life to various sports, with basketball eventually becoming a sport from which he made a career. As a teenager, Okaro played football and ran track and field. At his high school, Clearwater High School, the boy was named Basketball Player of the Year in Pinellas County. After receiving scholarship offers from Florida, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Clemson, and Miami, he switched to college basketball at Florida State.

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When it comes to basketball, he’s just the guy. With a body weight of 93 kg and a height of 1.83 m, Okaro is undoubtedly a man with stature and looks to play a sport like a basketball, which makes high demands on the physical characteristics of a player.

In his short career, he has played in Italy, Greece, and the United States, where he played for the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers and is currently on the roster of the San Antonio Spurs.

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Six Facts About The Basketball Player

1. He Grew Five And A Half Inch In One Summer

We all have this summer when our bodies changed and we had to get used to the new person in the mirror. For many of us, these changes did not happen fast enough, so overnight we became completely different people. But this is not the case with Okaro White. In eighth grade, he experienced a growth spurt that saw him grow by five and a half centimeters in one summer.

2. He Comes From  Sporty Family

If you want to become a player in one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, it is helpful to come from a family with a sporting past. Okaro is one of the lucky few. As already mentioned, the athlete’s mother ran for the Jamaican national team. If you are familiar with the Jamaican track and field team or have ever seen an Olympic race, you would understand how competitive the Jamaican national team is, and his mother running for the national team officially makes her a tough guy.

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3. A Big Fan Of Spaghetti

When Okaro White reaches his full potential and becomes one of the greatest athletes in the NBA, it could be useful information to know on quiz game nights that his favorite food is spaghetti. More precisely, “sweet spaghetti”, meaning spaghetti with lots of sugar in it. I suppose if you are an athlete who burns a lot of calories, such culpable pleasures like this have little consequences.

4. Once Played As A Quarterback

Having already mentioned that the baller comes from a sports family, it is no surprise that he tried his hand at several other sports before his body and passion landed him in basketball. Okaro played soccer at the high school level, as a quarterback, and in the free safety positions. The quarterback position would certainly have helped his vision, passing game, and ability to read a game. All the skills needed to succeed in the high-speed game of basketball.

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5. He Would Have Been A Customs Officer

Okaro White admitted in 2007 that if he didn’t play basketball, he would like to work as a customs officer at the Canadian border. When asked about such a specific and unique choice, he attributes his choice to his television interests. A big CSI fan, Okaro said it inspired him to choose criminology and social sciences as a major in his college.

6. He Is Very Energetic

Probably because of the years, he has eaten sweet spaghetti or spent a childhood with intensive sports activities, Okaro White is a very energetic player. This helps him to excel in high-speed games. His athleticism and size allow him to walk up and down the floor like a guard. If basketball hadn’t worked out, he would certainly have been a more than competent customs officer.