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Scott Michael Foster first captured our hearts in 2007 with his role as Captain John Paul “Cappie” Jones in the Greek comedy-drama series of the ABC Family. On the small screen, Foster has proven his skills in other shows like Zero Hour, Chasing Life, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Scott Michael Foster Dating/Girlfriend/Wife

Lately, Foster has become very secretive about his love life. “I intend to keep my private life out of public scrutiny,” he told the media. However, in the past, Foster has had two known relationships. The first was in 2007 with his Greek co-star Spencer Grammer.

Fans of the hit series would agree that the chemistry between them on screen was simply undeniable. Foster was 21 years old at the time, while Grammer was 23.

Scott Michael Foster Dating, Girlfriend, Wife, Bio, Height, Body Measurements

The fans were particularly enthusiastic about their relationship, as everything seemed like a fairy tale come true. But the couple couldn’t quite keep it together when they split up in 2008 and shattered the hearts of Greek fans.

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While Grammer previously married James Hesketh and married in 2011, Foster found love in the eyes of That 70s show star actress Laura Prepon in 2008, who is now known for Orange Is The New Black. Scott seems to like her a little more mature than him, as Laura was older than him with an age difference of 5 years.

Scott and Laura

Their relationship lasted about five years before they separated in 2013 for reasons unknown to the media. Like Scott, Laura keeps her private life to herself when it comes to her personal life. Although she became a star as a teenager, she was never foddering for the tabloids. She once said to Marie Claire, “I’m not going to spend my day updating my social media. I want to enjoy and live my life. I want to let people in, I want the fans to know what I’m doing, but there’s also a lot of things I keep close to the vest.”

However, the paparazzi managed to get a glimpse of their outings while they were together.

Three years after her breakup with Foster, People reported in October 2016 that she was engaged to Ben Foster. The news came as a shock to the media, who were unaware of an existing relationship between them.

Like his long-time ex-girlfriend, Scott Foster decided to remain over-private in terms of his dating life. Perhaps the news of his engagement would also appear shockingly on the news. Cross your fingers…

Scott Michael Foster Bio

Scott Michael Foster Dating, Girlfriend, Wife, Bio, Height, Body Measurements

Foster was born on March 4, 1985, in Winfield, Illinois, where he grew up as a farm boy until his family moved to Dallas, Texas when he was 12 years old. Foster lived in Dallas until he was 19 years old. The son of a father who works for IBM, Foster grew up “in the Silicon Prairie area. Foster is the only boy in his family and has two sisters.

Foster’s passion for acting already developed in elementary school. Influenced by his sisters, who tried their hand at the theater, Foster concentrated on the theater while attending Edward S. Marcus High School. After graduating in 2003, he studied acting for a semester at Collin County Community College before dropping out and beginning a professional acting career in 2005.

He made the right decision. Only two years after starting his career, Foster made his big breakthrough with ABC’s Greek. Before the big breakthrough, he played small roles in the movie The Horrible Flowers in 2005 and the television shows The Game (2007) and Women’s Murder Club (2007).

Foster also plays guitar and is the lead singer of his own indie rock band “Siren’s Eye”.

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Fun Facts

Foster is a certified Scuba diver.

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He is a big fan of Game of Thrones. His favorite TV shows include the Colbert Report and Last Week Tonight.

Foster revealed in an interview that if he ever went back to school, he would have chosen Loyola Marymount University for its beautiful campus. “I know that’s probably not the right reason to go to school. The campuses are simply breathtaking,” the Greek alumnus confessed.

His favorite film as a child was Christopher Reeves’s romantic movie “Somewhere in Time”.

He owns two dogs – a Chihuahua Pomeranian named Oliver and a German schnauzer named Charlie. He said, “They’re like little brothers.”

Scott Michael Foster Height, Body Measurements

Height: 6′ 2″ (188 cm)

Weight: 80 kg (176lbs)

Hair color: Light brown

Find out about Foster on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.